How to protect my expensive bathroom? And strategy to use?

I created a thread about keeping my Baby Grand safe in my new AirbNb, and got really useful responses. I did not expect that guests can cause so much damage! Now I’m worried about my bathroom as I have it all glass with a glass door that’s hinged to the tile. I’m concerned that it may get broken by drunken guests…
What would you recommend- should I try to fix the door in place? It will make it hard to get in the bathroom. Or should I just hope for the best?
Also, given the nice finishes- should I charge more for my place? Cater to smaller groups? I’m hoping to get higher quality tenants.

Frankly, after reading how much work and potential damage one can encounter, I’m wondering if I should just make it a long- term rental…

Your best defence is to take the price up.


Perhaps you would be willing to share your listing and we can give all kinds of advice.

A bathroom, even with glass and nice finishes is not in the same category as a piano. For example, sex in a jetted tub is not going to cause the problems that sex on a piano will. And the glass in bathrooms is not like your Riedel wine glasses, it’s designed to withstand water, slips and falls.

There are plenty of multi-million dollar properties on Airbnb and they manage to continue operating.


The door into the bathroom is glass??? Or the door to the shower? Shower doors are pretty strongly built, I wouldn’t worry too much.

WE can’t tell you what to charge for your place. We don’t know where you are located, or what your “Comps” are charging, and we can’t see pictures of your place (yet). “Comps” are other Airbnb listings in your immediate area (not across town) which are similar to yours in size, age, quality and amenities.

We can tell you that more upscale pricing will (generally) get you higher quality guests (not tenants)

However – long term rentals are NO GUARANTEE that guests won’t trash your space.

Realize that we’re trying to warn you about worst-case scenarios. We (collectively) have decades of experience at this Airbnb, Short Term rental business, and we’re trying to share it with you so you don’t have things happen that have happened to us.

A baby grand piano is a different category of expense than a shower door. You wouldn’t leave your piano or your original Renoir where folk you don’t know can mess them up and destroy their value.

Whole house versus renting each bedroom separately?? Just a room, will get you more overall guests per unit of time than renting the whole house. BUT, it depends on where you are, the neighborhood, how much effort you are willing to put into things (are you doing all the laundry and cleaning, or going to try and find someone to do it for you), how close you live to the property (will you be checking each guest in/out or using a self-check system with coded locks and video cameras), and other variables.

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Here are photos of the house

I think that bathroom will be fine.

Other than the piano I don’t see anything that looks like it needs special treatment. If you are going to rent whole house you really need security cameras on the exterior, I’d say 360 around. One of the problems with whole house rentals is that people rent it for parties, events or they bring in more people than disclosed. Cameras help you to nip those in the bud right away if they do get booked in.


Ah— with the photos, now I see. I know Tempe, but not well enough to tell where you are located.

Beautiful place. Elegant, but not Southwestern. I hope those wooden floors are Pergo or one of the other ‘wood look’ materials.

IMHO you would be better off renting the whole house, with SERIOUS ‘No Party, No Pets, No Children under 12’ clauses in your House Rules.

Imagine a group of ASU students renting the house for a weekend blow-out, without supervision. That’s probably your worst case scenario. Now you see why we say move the piano!

I would not use Instant Book. I would personally greet and check-in and check-out all the guests. If you’re North of Hwy 60, check other Air listings there that are comparable to yours; likewise if you’re South of 60. Charge at, or maybe just a bit more than your Comps (# of bedrooms, pool access, size of house, renting only whole house).


@KenH, I would add one thing. A person can do IB but still insist on meeting and greeting all guests. That’s what I do and yes, it is mentioned in the listing quite prominently. I’ve had a couple small problems, mainly sloppy guests but otherwise no problems since I am on site.


I think you’re OK with the bath/shower glass enclosure. I have a glass shower door in my listing (pic attached) and have had no issues.

In addition to what @KenH has suggested about house rules.

  1. Make it part of your turnover process, to have whoever readies the place, take time stamped cell phone pictures of the place and fixtures before each guest; if there is ever damage following a guest, you have proof of the condition your guests were presented with. The pictures can be deleted after each guest.
  2. Install some monitoring cameras outside (need to disclose those on your ABNB listing info) so you can monitor / validate that the guests arriving / departing are those you rented to. I would have the same concerns about ASU parties.

Regarding STR vs LTR, I would suggest you test the waters in Feb-April with STR. That’s when you’re likely to get the most $ because of the weather & events (Jackson Barrett, Phoenix Open, Spring Training, Spring Break), and then May during the week of ASU graduation. Then you can decide if its worth it.

That looks like tempered glass. I think it will be fine but just be aware that it can combust if it takes a hard knock. My feeling is that the cost to replace it should be covered by the host if it’s just accidental and/or wear and tear. Nice place by the way. Is that pool private?

I think Airbnb’s host guarantee is likely to cover damages to broken glass shower screens. These items are actually quite fixable, albeit in the cost range of thousands, depending on where you are located, labour costs, etc. What I’ll be worried about is having public liability insurance to cover any injuries that occured inside the house.

Does ASU throw big reunions?

If so, then you also have to worry about older folks, too.

I’m in Princeton and their reunions are an absolute zoo. Supposedly the only event in the US during which more Budweiser beer is consumed is the Indy 500.

I was talking to an orthapedist who told me that they get a lot of business that weekend. And it’s not the 25 and under set, like you would think, but rather the older alums who try to party like they used to when they were young and hurt themselves.

This coming May will be my first time hosting during the reunions. I do worry about damage, but they seem to keep the wild stuff on the campus and do their drinking under the tents.

I will definitely check my glass shower door before to make sure it’s as secure as it can be.

PS: Try saying in your listing that your neighborhood is family friendly and you have great neighbors. It plants the idea in their head that the neighbors might notice and tell you if they threw a huge party.

I’m appalled at the swill that Americans consume in gross amounts.

Sorry to have wasted anyone’s time with this off topic post!

Also, of all the horror stories I’ve heard only one has to do with broken shower glass.

I read one online a few years ago. The glass shattered and the guest had to go to the emergency room because of cuts - mostly to her feet. I totally DREAD that sort of scenario.

The house in question doesn’t look to be anything particularly unusual - although it would be helpful to see the listing and the price.

I’m so glad that I don’t have a whole house (just two small apartments) to worry about!

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Yes & yes

Smaller groups will cause less wear & tear. Larger groups = more suitcases to hit walls, more potential spill, more electricity used, … you get the idea.

There are numerous reports that tempered glass may shatter without any unusual stress. I’m not sure the host guarantee will cover it - they will most likely call it “normal wear and tear” unless there are signs of damage to the rest of the shower. But as K9 mentioned, there aren’t very few stories glass shower door issues.

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@Anita_Piper - what kind of upholstery is on the white/off-white furniture? That could be an issue - red wine gets spilled, pizza gets dropped (and lands tomato-sauce side down, of course), etc.

Do you think people are choosing your place because of the quality bathroom? If no then let it go. If it it is a selling point for a quality place then charge more and make sure the photos are good :slight_smile:

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In 1993 I worked for Bain&Co, a management consultancy in Boston, my first job out of my PhD. Anyway Anheiser-Busch were one of our clients. i was told by one of the guys who worked on their case that both Bud and Bud Premium both came out of the same vat. Couldn’t drink either. It was Red Stripe for me in the harsh Boston summer.

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This shower is so beautiful that I showed my friend s!