How to promote your listing to get better ranking

Hi all lovely hosts :slight_smile:

Need your help and advice :

Like many of you we have started hosting our place in airbnb and now we are helping more than 25 hots to do the same in beautiful Vancouver, mostly under their own name, now we have 1400 reviews :heart_eyes:

We always consider below 3 secrets in order to get the best ranking in airbnb, I need your advice to get more secret as mentioned, please kindly let us know :slight_smile:

  • Guests (or anyone else) put your place in your wish list, so we ask them to do so
  • We put more pics so guest spend more time on your listing
  • We always make sure you have a great " Guide Book" because that make people spend more time on our listing

Here is one of my listings, please give us some love and add it to your “Wish List” : ( Share your and we will do the same ) :heart:

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I guess they aren’t secret anymore.


So then, Let’s have a think about this. What does Airbnb want? It wants people to book places that they love so that they’ll be delighted with Airbnb and become regular guests, right? Or they’ll recommend to their friends that they use Airbnb. Airbnb simply wants guests to use their service.

And if Airbnb is going to achieve this then the three ‘secrets’ above aren’t going to be factored in to their algorithms. Does it matter how many people have wishlisted the place? I wouldn’t have thought so. Would they give precedence to a listing that people spend a long time browsing? Why would they? If neither of these factors result in bookings, then no.

You are more likely to get bookings by having great reviews, a good star rating, quick response times and an easily understood listing.


… and it wants to lure hosts to believe that they will make money easily so that they will get hooked, chasing that initial high of their apps dinging and dinging. I am convinced that this is part of the algorithm as well. Mixing those newer hosts into the ranking with the tried-and-true hosts.

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Yes, and this is why they recommend that new hosts start with low prices and why they are given the new host boost in searches.

Unfortunately many hosts find that they don’t make money that way. Most hosts have had costs incurred when they’ve set up their listings and I sometimes wonder if they even recoup these costs by the time the new host boost has run out. As they often don’t take into account all their expenses and the time they spend hosting, they can be running at a loss.

But by then, as you say @smtucker by that time they’re addicted to the beeping and binging and think ‘once I can stop these low fees and charge what my place is really worth then I’m going to make some easy money’. Ha. :slight_smile:

This post had me puzzled. It appears to be from an "Airnb Consultant, experienced at helping hosts to be more successful. But the “secrets” aren’t all followed in the listing, which has 3 reviews and the last review points to serious deficiencies. If you want to help the owner of this listing I’d suggest an in person inspection, make a list of what needs fixing.

Every week or two some self-identified “expert” posts here telling us how they know it all. They appear to be promoting themselves perhaps with a view to adding new customers to their “service”. Not sure that this post won’t lose clients vs attract them? Might be a good idea to lurk here for a bit, maybe learn from the many experienced hosts who offer their insight for free.


I agree with every word of your post. The host here would be distraught if they had a review that read:

However, the apartment definitely needs a lot more love — several light switches were broken, light bulbs out, uneven floors, toilet seat way too small for the toilet bowl, and so on. We felt that the apartment had been neglected for quite a while, which is sad considering it’s run by a management company already.

Joined a few months ago, three reviews …

I don’t understand whether the OP is showing one of his/her properties or one of his/her ‘clients’ but whatever the situation, I think that further work is required.

And it’s weird that they chose that one to post here. Is it the best of the bunch?

The others posts made in the day since they joined have different info, some are asking for help, some are offering “expert” advice. Shakes head.

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I never post the guidebook!Why would you?So other hosts can steal your ideas?and other guests who dont stay with you but stay near buy can use it for free? I already have enough competing hosts that plagiarize parts of my listing, I will leave the guidebook in the guestroom for guests who have paid and are in the room.

I do the same thing and on the back cover, I encourage guests to take it home with them. About half do. I believe that it encourages repeat business and referrals.

I didn’t initially click on your listing, I just made a joke about the word “secrets.” After reading the thread I was intrigued and I agree that you didn’t link to a listing that would impress me. Let me tell you a “secret,” I’m not going to wish list a place with 3 reviews and an overall of less than 5 stars. There are way too many 5 star properties for me to take a chance. Frankly, if this is what you give as an example of your work I wouldn’t use your property management services either.

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