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How to proceed witha a guest that thinks I've stolen from her?

She’s been breaking house rules and even taking private things from other guests that stays with us, and now she messaged me and asked me to return her makeup that I took from her.
I realize that a big accusation and I don’t know how to handdle it, from her message I think she’s not going to be communicative (I havn’t spoken to her yet).
Before this I’ve asked a couple of time to not leave things in the bathroom as it is shared and we want to avoid people using other people things.
Do I contact airbandb? Im going to talk to her and what do I do if she’s not responding nicely?
I have more that 200 guest with not a bad review, I don’t really care of the review, I need to know how to proceed on this issue.

End: I asked her about the message, she apologized and said she wrote it wrong (I think she was drunk by then.) She was very nice after that, i didnt feel confortable but let her stay for 2 more days. She said goodbye and said sorry again and that she enjoyed her stay very much.

-From now on, if you think it might be a problem with anything, ONLI DO IT THOUGH AIRBNB MESSAGE SISTEM. If you don’t have proof of what people have said-- IT NEVER HAPPENED.

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No sense wondering about what has not happened, meaning what her reaction will be when you do talk to her. What exactly were you thinking talking to her about?

Isn’t the first priority ~if she is indeed a problem child~ to get her OUT of your life and property? Whether AirBnB needs to get involved or not depends on the circumstances and her position; i.e. how long is she booked for, refusal to leave, etc.


…and all communication must be documented through the airbnb messaging platform. Even if something is discussed in person or via text, follow-up with a message through airbnb.


SHe needs to leave ASAP. You dont need crazy person in your house. I would call Air and ask them what to do.


She’s not answering my message so when she’s back will ask her what is missing, and I will tell her that I already told her this could happen.
If she reacts normaly I’m going to pretend her message was not accusatory, if she doesn’t I’m going most likely to ask her to leave as I’m not confortable. I’ll call airbandb and ask them to handle her.
Thanks for your response!

I will ask her to do that, looks like the way to handle this.

What has she taken from other guests?

How did she message you?
Trough AirBnB?

Try to avoid communicating with her about this issue outside AirBnB as much as possible. Just ask her if she received your message and ask her to respond.

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The towel, had to supply them with new ones, was really weird to explain what happened. They might not even believe “someone else took it”.

I messaged her to please not leave personal belongings on the bathroom through airbandb, she messaged through whatsapp to “give her back her makeup”, wich I replied with "please let me know when you’re home…"
I will not reply any further through any other platform than airbandb, makes a lot of sense.
Thanks very much for all responses, really helped a lot.
I will let you know how all goes so maybe other hosts can do better than me next time!

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Call AirBnb ASAP!

Only ever communicate with a guest through the AirBnb message system. Whatsapp and other TXT or email applications just do not give you the official AirBnb documentation that you need, especially in situations like this.


@KenH is right - and I may add - airbnb will use what a guest says in messaging as ‘evidence’ - I’ve had guest’s messages help me on more than one occasion.

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Such valuable advice here and on another post I just read to document everything thorugh Airbnb on guest issues and not any other platform. Never thought about that before - not that I’ve had any problems really but I DID yesterday have my first late checkout - by an hour with cleaning lady waiting to go in and next guest due to arrive. No apologies from them. I did call and text them (for urgency) rather than Airbnb. So thanks for this advice everyone, even if you use another platform back it up with one through Air. I think often guests don’t have the app so they won’t get the message until they next check their emails so it’s good to do BOTH.

Do you mean messaging through their platform only? Or messaging through a text?

Do we have an update on this situation?


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platform only, so airbnb can see what is discussed.

Probably putting on make up ( i jest)

I will update shortly, everything went ok, but new things happened… stay tunned.

Thank you so much for that tip, it has been a decisive thing to learn with some other situations I’ve had with other guests.

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