How to Prevent Sat Check-in and Check-out

Cust Service didn’t know how. Even the Supervisor didn’t know and said, “it can’t be done”.

I kept pushing, the supervisor asked around and the Answer is “ENABLE PROFESSIONAL HOSTING TOOLS”.

After you Enable these, a lot of features are available. See my other post for the details link.

Under Availability, it is now easy to prevent Sat check-in and check-out.


I have the answer! Had to get a supervisor - who also did not know - but asked around and here is how it’s done.

  1. Please see the image. Viola! A lot more controls and features.

GREAT find! Nice detective work! I’m sure lots of folks will enjoy using this.

@bigappledude posted about this back in June. People here are much smarter than Airbnb customer service.


@Jefferson thank you for taking the time to add such clear screen shots with info graphics. It is much appreciated.

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Thank you!! I hate Saturday check ins and checkouts!

By the way, I just had a very satisfying experience with a call to Airbnb CS. The address of my rural property was changed a number of years ago by my town to be consistent with the county 911 system and it was still part of my listing in a number of fields where I couldn’t change it. My Airbnb rep took care of it, although she had to consult her manager.

My experience with Air CS for Superhosts has been overall positive, but I try to avoid calling for general non-guest-specific issues at high travel times. Like a lot of companies, support is out-sourced to high volume support centers at peak times. In centers like this they could be working for Airbnb one week and Pottery Barn the following week.


You can do the same thing without switching to the ProTools.

Go to your listing, then the “Availability” heading, scroll down to “Check In and Check Out”
There you can select days you don’t want check in/out


Hi Allison,

The extra controls under Availability only appeared AFTER Pro Tools were Enabled.

Check your settings - I expect that they are:
Nice to know that there is more than one place to access them.


If you block “check-in not allowed for Sat” it appears on the GUEST Calendar that your place looks unavailable! So, guests that are LOOKING at the calendar will probably assume that they CAN’T BOOK a weekend! Uh Oh! Yes, fri - sun works but the Calendar view looks like All Sat are blocked off"

Uh oh! So, we cleared the “Sat Check-in not allowed” and the calendar now looks fine - it is clearly a glitch and hopefully Air can get it fixed - I still need to report it.

Maybe you just need to do “no checkout on Sat” not “No checkin on Sat”
Does it cost $ to join “pro tools”?/

Gypsy, Correct - we left the “no checkout on Sat” in place. This does not cause an issue with the Guest Calendar view. The full week looks available. We only removed the “no check-in on Sat”.

So, currently a Guest COULD book a Sat to Mon (Sat is set to 2 day min). But they can’t book a Sat to Sun 1 night stay.

It isn’t a perfect solution but it will hopefully prevent most potential break-ups of a high rate weekend.

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It’s free! If you go to your Profile Settings, they will be there along with your Notification Preferences, Payment Preferences, etc. I am not sure if everyone has access to them now. At first, it was only for people with 6 or more listings and then they started adding them for others but am not sure if it’s “global” or not - sometimes they do that thing where some hosts see one thing but others don’t. Let me know if you have them, I’m curious!

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It’s not really a glitch. The calendar will usually hide dates that you can’t check-in on. I actually use this in my favor to effectively block dates and make them look unavailable without actually blocking them, so test it a lot.

If you don’t like your calendar looking like that, I understand. Another option for you may be to do this combination as a compromise:

  1. keep your “no Sat check-out”
  2. keep Fridays a 2-day minimum
  3. make Saturdays a 3-day minimum

No-Sat-Check-Out will keep people from booking only Thurs and Fri. And the 3-day minimum on Sat will make it less likely for people to take your Sat (Sat and Sun only) without your Friday - and if they do, well, then they’ve also taken your Monday and booked 3 days instead of 2.

I use this alot and works out really well. People will either book Fri and Sat together or book several days which works for us, not sure if you want your weekdays booked or not.


I have changed my bookings on air to min stay of 2 nights over weekends. Is there a way to do it on

Rates & Availability >>> Calendar

Then adjust the Minimum Length of Stay,


Thank you for that, John, I will try that😊