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How to phrase an Airbnb listing that has a negative?

We back to a busy street! We have lived here for many years and we are use to the noise so it really hasn’t been an issue for us! This is a whole house listing with three bedrooms and three baths. We are minutes from lots of wonderful attraction in Southern Wine Country but have this negative! I intend to put in my listing book that we leave all the back windows closed for sleeping but I know I need to be upfront about the road noise too! I need any and all suggestions. Please help!

We are not in a particularly noisy neighborhood; but noise sensitivity varies. We bought a container of earplugs from CVS.My husband put a label on the container that says, “It is easier to wear earplugs than it is to silence the world.”

If I were you; I wouldn’t sugar coat the noise from the busy street in your description. You might say, “Our house backs up to a busy street. We supply disposable earplugs, but if you are a very light sleeper and/or dislike wearing earplugs this listing isn’t for you.” I wouldn’t worry about discouraging potential guests. It’s better to have people not book, than have them book, be miserable and leave a terrible review.


My former boss’ place is awesome for the price, but people expect more for seventy dollars. Stupid people.

We sais it’s rustic, which the lawyer rsaid would cover us

That’s a great idea. If the windows stay closed, you really don’t hear the street noise but I know guest would probably want the cool night air in place of the AC and then what a problem! I am going to buy a container of earplugs and steal the line from your friend! Thanks for the advice!

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Sorry, stealing the quote from your husband!


I live on probably one of the busiest intersections in the 2nd busiest city in Australia. The worst is the motorcycles with illegally loud revving at about 3am on the weekend nights. It does not bother my son at all, annoys the crap out of me and the dog sometimes. After 20 ABB bookings, strangely, I have never had a complaint & none of my homestaystudents complained to their agencies.

My house is nearly 100 years old with original sash Windows that are the thinnest glass ever! People actually comment that they love that it is Art Deco style and right opposite the tram & bus and 5 mins walk to train so they have booked knowing its noisy for the convenience. But surely the noise must be unbearable to some? I guess many of my Asian visitors are used to very noisy cities. I warn people that we are ‘right in the thick of it’ & that we are on an intersection but highlight the transport convenience. I also put another warning in the ‘other stuff to note’ section. I used to supply ear plugs but they never got used. I might steal the idea here & put some more in a nice jar.

I think as long as you warn people a couple of times you’ll be ok but I would always highlight the positives too. If I stay somewhere too quiet I actually get scared & start thinking about my true crime shows so for some people we are comforted by noise- to a point.

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Thanks Emily! I am sitting here in fear as a fire truck wailed by! How could we have live here 23 years and it never was that big of a thing until I started thinking about Airbnb! In our defense, it was a quiet little road when we moved in! But now…
I am encouraged that guests are booking so I think am going to get started in entering my listing. I may tag you again before I hit publish to see what you think. Thanks again.

One of our units is situated on the second floor above a major thoroughfare in the city. It’s not always loud, but there are occasional sirens, trucks, and motorcycles. To boot, our neighborhood is in transition and there are some boarded up windows/doors that make some people nervous.

To ensure our guests aren’t caught off guard, we have added a “This listing is not for you…” section prominently in our description that includes items such as "if you are a light sleeper and traffic noise will disturb your sleep,“if you are expecting a pristine landscaped neighborhood,” “you must have a TV,” etc. We list of all the things that someone could perceive as a negative so as to promote the unit only to guests who don’t find those things to be problematic.


Thanks @stiknoltz, I did put it in my listing and so far I have only gotten one group, it’s a entire house, but
not much interest in general. I wish it wasn’t part of my listing but it is. Can’t believe we lived there so many years and really didn’t even realize how bad the noise was getting!

I put this in my listing which is on a large wooded lot just above a busy highway: “This location is just above downtown so you may hear noise from the city and traffic in the distance.” Hopefully “noise from the city” is sufficient… rather than specifically saying “gunshots”.

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For an entire horrible year I had to next to a ghastly awful parrot, which wolf whistle d loudly at all hours and at me and anyone it could hear. It drove me bonkers, but incredibly, not one guest mentioned a single word about it. When I asked one guest, they said oh it was the " soundtrack of the tropics" so it didn’t bother them.

Right! Whatever works.

I debated about mentioning it since I’d had no complaints.

I was so happy when the parrot moved out I did cartwheels down the street.

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I certainly understand @Rod! Ambulances and fire trucks love the street behind our house! @konacoconutz I’m waiting for my first group of guests to check up and I am worried about what they will say!

Don’t take this the wrong way, but I am a native English speaker, and I cannot understand a word of this.

lol, entertaining as usual

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