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How to opt out of increase in host fee?


Does anyone know how to opt out of the new increase in host fee (12% instead of 3%) if google ads brings in a client?


click on your profile picture -> go to privacy -> Your Listings and Profile in Search Engines -> click off


We have never heard that there is a 12% host fee. Where do you find that on the website?


If guests click through from google there is


I did not find any mention in the Help Centre, however received one with pre-booking notification, where they notify you that this enquiry came from a 3rd party search engine, and if accepted, will be charged at 12% of your booking cost. I have received one from Hong Kong (I host in Europe), and covered the full month so was happy. Recommending to do the feasibility math whether it is worth or not, depending on your areabook ability throughout the yeartarget audience you will attract from this source.


Hey guys… there is zero mention of this on my page (I checked , like Kirsty suggested)… and I am wondering if this is strictly an international thing? Has anybody in the US encountered this 12% google fee? Why would anyone go for that? I would want to hold my place open in case a 3% booking came along. Not give it away for 12%. They are barking up the wrong tree with that idea and I am pretty sure it will be met with a resounding NO THANK YOU from hosts far and wide!


It doesn’t make much sense does it? It would be quite easy to get around, ask the guest to cancel the booking and book directly through Air, but then would Air mark you down some how for this?! who knows… I couldn’t find anything on the site either.

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