How to offer discounted rate for gap days?

I have three weeknights available next week for $169/night. My minimum stay is two nights, but I’d prefer to book all three days together if i can, and am willing to offer a 10% discount as an incentive. Has anyone else done that, and if so, how? I know I can do weekly and monthly discounts, but I don’t know if I can offer a custom discount for a specific block of dates. Was thinking I could put it in first line of listing description (or in the title - ?) to contact me to send a special offer - is that my only option?

I usually just change the price on the calendar for those days and change it to a min. of 3 night stay. I have also sent offers for guests already there to extend their stay another day for a discount.

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Personally I don’t think those sorts of “quick change” activities does any good and is worth the effort. It’s not as if there are a horde of rental shoppers watching some big board of available rentals and going “Look CeeBee just lowered his price by 10% – I’m booking NOW!!” I understand that for quick, cheap flights to somewhere… but Airbnb rentals - nah!

IMHO having a steady price that people can see over time is more important. We have a seasonal price – high in winter and low in summer because we’re a snowbird destination. Holiday weekends are up priced But those are constants, not overnight quick changes and then back to something else.

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I sometimes offer the night before and after a guest at a discount, to the current guest… Just one turnover that way. I have even offered as much as half off 3rd night.


Yup, It’s really more about avoiding an additional turnover; not particularly concerned about maximizing income.