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How to Monetize Your Profile for Maximum Inquiries / Profits!


hello fellow Air B&B hosts!

Last year I started Air B&B when my roommate moved out. I live in a 2 bedroom in NYC and thought to myself: ‘I can still ‘live by myself’ and rent out my extra room to cover at least half the rent.’

Well, it’s grown to be even more than that - Air B&B has allowed me to supplement my income to travel, invest in my business AND pay off credit card debt (woo hoo!)

These are the tips & tricks I’ve learned to creating a profile that maximizes views and profits. I know sometimes you feel like you’re not getting any inquiries which stick … this should help you understand what to do and what to change to start booking more!

READ HERE: How I Made $18,000 in Profits on Air B&B

Let me know if I missed anything. xx Sammy


That’s a great story, so happy for you!
Someone once said to travel is to live and I very much believe that.
Another way of profiting even more while you do travel or work etc is by using #AirBooking.
It’s a new concierge and management service in NYC that will handle everything from correspondence and the key exchange and all other hassle that comes with subletting your home.
See how we can make it much more pleasant to share and make money.
@Hannah facebook.com/airbookingonline

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