How to manage outsourcing of linen and stock delivery to properties remotely?

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I’m quite eager to learn how hosts are able to outsource the cleaning and delivery of linens and restocking hotel supplies remotely?

The logistic issue is each property will need linens removed, cleaned, and delivered back when each property is temporarily vacant.

So far it seems having an end to end cleaning service with a company that will take care of linens and restocking supplies and or negotiating a tailored service from a small team of cleaning contractors to handle the additional tasks are my best bet.

I have spoken with a few linen suppliers and they have a delivery day each week which will not work as linens can only be picked up and delivered when each property is vacant unless I have a large exterior bin as drop off point on property but that is getting complex!

Would love to explore this concept further with experienced hosts to find great methods for achieving this remotely and economically.
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We don’t run hotels so… I don’t think most of us are re-stocking hotel supplies and using linen services. There is not even any such thing where my VR is located.

Thanks for your response @LoneStar . When I mention hotel supplies I mean general amenities & consumables such as tea, kitchen oil, soaps etc.

You need an exclusive cleaner/ co host for your STR. Because you can’t offer definite days it can turn into a long distance nightmare and ruin your reputation and then your business.


@Finnflix It sounds like you have a lot of listings. Most hosts on this forum only have one or two, some on the property where we live. We may do all the cleaning and laundry ourselves. And most of us, I think, don’t provide hotel-type amenities, like single use shampoos and such- we buy bulk containers and refill pump-style containers or dispensers as needed so as to be environmentally friendly.

Hi @Finnflix where are you hosting and how many properties do you have.

Or are you doing market research for a business start up supplying these services to hosts?


I buy those things when I stay there and keep backups in the detached garage that my cleaner (who does the laundry) has access to. This is where we have supplies and a 2nd fridge for our own beer, sodas, medication, batteries, condiments I don’t want to share, etc.


As an absentee property owner, you simply can NEVER trust a contractor to do the job they are hired to do – cleaning and re-setting a listing, laundry, etc.

At best you will be able to find a co-host for one or two listings who will do all of the work for you – but that person is going to want a significant percentage of the profits, or a decent working wage to do that work.


Thanks @IamJasonWeber for this great simple solution!
Are your guests notified when laundry team will enter property? If so is it by day or by hour?
Have you received any complaints or negative feedback from guests about team entering during stay?
Does your laundry company supply linens that are hired or do you supply your own linens?
Color coordination is a great tip to stay organised.
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Hi @Helsi, apologies for the late reply. I am based in Melbourne Australia and are doing research for a start-up of mine providing this service :slight_smile: