How to make an offer for blocked dates

I do not rent out over the winter. I get from time to time requests for stays from previous guests.

For guests that I know and have experienced, I would like to have the possibility to send them an offer to book even if my calendar is booked. Is it possible?.

Or is the only option to open up the calendar and tell them to book hoping that no other guest book the dates I just opened.

If you have IB turned off, folks can only send a request to book, they can’t actually book.



I have multiple previous guests who know to message me even if the calendar looks like I’m unavailable. I then tell them to let me know when they are ready to book and I’ll open the dates but that they need to book right away or they just pay me directly which I prefer. You could also follow John’s suggestion to change to request to book but then you might field many requests that you have to deal with.


Can’t you just send them a special offer? I did that when my brother was coming for a visit.

If you aren’t “open for AirBnb business” why not just have them book directly with you and by-pass Air entirely? They can pay you by Paypal or check/money order on arrival.


My understanding is that you can only send a special offer when a guest sends you a request for specific dates. If your calendar is blocked for those dates there is no way to make such a request.


Open up a single night of their stay and price it higher than you would for 1 night. Have them book that night. Then open up the rest of their stay but make it so no one else wants to book them. E.g. if they want 4 nights, open up the first night with a high price (the price for all 4 nights is convenient), they book the one night, then you open up the following 3 nights but with prices too high for anyone else to want to book. Meanwhile you send your guests a reservation change request and enter the correct dates and the correct price that you want to charge them on the change request. They accept the change and you’re all set.

Similairly, you can open up their other 3 nights and make it where no one else can book by using minimum stays for them, but it’s a bit more trouble, depending on how many nights it is.

And if you or your guests don’t feel comfortable actually booking the first night at a high price, then you can still open up the night for a high price and just have your guests “Inquire” about it by using the Contact Host button. After they Inquire (not Request), you go and block off the one night and it will then say “Not Possible” on their Inquiry which then gives you the magical Special Offer button. You open up their dates for the real prices and send them the Special Offer choosing “block the dates for 24 hours” option.

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That’s what I do. Saves having to pay the airbnb commission for a previous guest whom you’ve already had a good experience with.

Lots of sound advice from others here. I am not officially open again until July but have started to get inquiries from our frequent flyers. Once my husband and I are fully vaccinated I’ll book direct with this handful

I don’t understand why you’re not booking them and leaving Airbnb out of the picture altogether? That seems to be simpler.

I always make sure that guests have my business card with my phone number and email address so if they want to come again, they can deal with me direct.

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