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How to make a map?

I am wondering which program I should use to make a map over my town.
Meaning I want to place my property, which way to get to town, busstops and so on.
By now I have been printing out Google maps, writing down by hand where these places are and copying them.
Any ideas?

You can use the guidebook feature included on your feature - it has the map for you!

Hi Bobas

I copy and pasted the google map to word and then edited it with red arrows and X etc.

I now attach the map to the email I send with apt information and that has worked for me.

Hi @Bobas,

I’d recommend using the Airbnb Guidebook tool.

It’s fairly simple to use and has a surprisingly large (positive) impact on your ratings.

Here’s a blog post I’ve previously written on a few tips and tricks to keep in mind when doing so:

Let us know how you go with all of this :slight_smile:

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