How to list private 1/2 bath and shared bathroom

I have been seeing listings in my area for “1 1/2 baths” ( private room in home). I list as “shared bath” but mention in listing that room has “en suite 1/2 bath. I like the look of “1 1/2 baths” , but am not certain this gives best first impression for prospective guests. Misleading?
Any thoughts?

So the private, en suite allows for sink and toilet within the room, but the shower is in a shared space? I personally don’t like sharing a bath, and when I’ve stayed at in-home locations look specifically for a private bath. I would add in your title that it’s a private half bath, but in the listing select both the full and shared bath. You can then, in each listed room, choose who uses it so it’s clear to the guest.

I personally use the wording ‘Private Room/Private Bath’ as part of my title to be clear that they will have a bathroom to themselves. This quickly differentiates me from the other area options who are in-home but must share the entire bath.