How to link to other listing

I have 2 listings, an apartment over our garage and our whole house. I mention in our house listing that the apartment might be available if they have a large group. I have someone right now that wants to do that, and ridiculously I can never figure out how to send them a direct link to my listing since Airbnb doesn’t allow any links in our communications. Is there any simple way to do this?

Separately, it drives me crazy that I can’t somehow have an option for both our listings together. It seems this must be a frequent issue and that Airbnb could have something set up through the site to allow two places to be listed separately or for them to be taken together and linked calendars, etc.

If they view your profile on the AirBNB website, both of your listings should appear in the lower left portion of the screen. They can then click the second listing to see all of the details.

I have tried to explain to guests via message how to build the URL for a listing, with no success. Turns out, most people do not understand how a URL is built.

Your other option is send them the title of the listing and suggest that search for “AirBNB yourTownName YourListinTitle” and generally, your listing should be the first one in the resulting list. You do have to use the word “search.” Google will get stripped out with the “HIDDEN CONTENT” substitution.


Not sure if this is possible everywhere but in the EU we can have our business contact details on our listing, I would then ask the enquirer to contact the office via the business details on the listing.

You can just give them the title of your listing - that should bring it up.

I forgot about this, thanks!