How to keep track of previous guest for

Let’s say I had this guest that messed up my place and don’t wanna have him again. after hosting hundreds of people, how do you keep track of the bad ones so history don’t repeat itself.?

Thank you.

If they are THAT bad, you’ll remember!

You could always simply create a text file with a list of Bad Guest names/handles which you would then check every times someone makes and Inquiry or Request.


:rofl::rofl: Thanks for replying. That’s what I had in mind. For some reason I thought also that since ABB relies heavily in reviews, they would have some sorta flagging system for those guests!


I read somewhere that if you give 3 stars or less in your review then that guest is blocked from booking your place in the future.


Not bad at all. I will look into that.

I keep a spreadsheet of my Airbnb earnings, mostly for the CPA who does my tax return. I change the font color to red for troublesome guests and write a note to remind myself what the problems were.


We have guest registration cards and when they have left I just add a few notes on the back about them - the good and the bad, also a few things that we know about them, jobs, interests etc. I find it quite useful in the “personal comments” at the end of th guest review - “Hope the new job is going well” sort of thing.

There’s only one set of guests that I’ve written “FROM HELL!” on the card!

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I was wondering the same thing this week. I had a repeat guest who was sub optimal. Not bad enough to give a 3 star rating to but I certainly wouldn’t go out of my way to secure another reservation from her. Ken says you’ll remember but when you have dozens of guests between stays and it wasn’t horrible, I’d rather not have them again, I don’t remember.

There is now a way to put a note when we block a date so maybe they will add places to add notes about guests. Rover, the dog services platform I use has a place to put private notes about guests. So it wouldn’t be hard to add it.

@EllenN - That’s exactly what I do. I just have Repeat = Yes or No.
Combined with honest feedback on the guest’s review … we haven’t had a repeat terrible guest.