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How to hide your listing from the search without remove all the feedback/reviews from my profile?

I hope someone could help.

I am creating a second listing for a new apartment, so i am looking for a way to make the first one not visible on the search but still keeping all my previous reviews and feedbacks. Since i had the fist list for over two years, i have great reviews that would probably help a host when deciding to pick my place or not.

Does anyone know how can i do it ? Other than blocking the single dates?

Of course the customer care couldn’t help, sometimes i feel like they know less than me about their web site.

You could link both calendars so that you never get bookings on both on the same day. Alternatively, ‘unlist’ your second place, because when the guests click on your profile your other flat’s reviews will still be there (I think)

Can anyone back me up here?

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