How to have a better message and have guests to READ

Getting frustrated and sad that these guests no matter how I word the message on location and check in instructions…and due to their ignorance, gave me 4 stars.

slowing seasons now, so I would like to change couple of things if possible with your help.

There is nothing you can do to make people read. There is also nothing you can do to keep people from blaming you for their mistakes.

If you would like help with your messages we will be happy to help but you need to temper your expectations of what effect it will have.


"Just an FYI, that my location is not a walking distance to the main attractions so taxi or uber is needed.

Just don’t want you all to be disappointed with the location while you are staying."

This is what I sent to guest that came by train based on experience they are the ones that gave 4 stars on reviews, and I thought with this message, he will be fine, but not apparently.

I think you’re doing yourself a disservice in wording it that way - it’s almost like you’re priming them to be disappointed.

The location rating is really stupid…People can see your location on a map and obviously there are tradeoffs between location and price. Something in city center may be more attractive because it’s walkable, but will also carry a higher price tag, all things being equal.

In your listing, I’d point out the pluses (is it quiet? Scenic?), while still giving full disclosure that people will need transport to get to the main attractions. Perhaps if you could give us more insight into what you like about your location we could help you wordsmith it?

Unfortunately, you can have the nicest, most accurate description of your place and many people will still not read it :wink:


I mentioned couple of times on my listing that guests need transportation to get to main attractions.
Many newbies or experienced ones, don’t know how to navigate the airbnb.

Just 2 last guests booked and cancelled due to location (both thought my location is in US side) and I refunded them fully.

My area is just a residential, super quiet and safe area.

Well you’ve got overall 5 stars. I wouldn’t worry about it. Or I would send the message you suggested but instead of saying they might be disappointed, say you don’t want to get a lesser review on the location. But really I wouldn’t worry. Your reviews look great!!

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When I have a guest book, I send them a message with specific questions. I ask them if they will have a car. If they say they do not, I send them a note to the them while I am assessable by public transportation but guests need to pay attention to the schedules. I have a very detailed write up about how to get around and tell them they should review.


Thanks, I know that this is just for me to better myself if I can on location reviews.
Some guests are just…(fill in the blank)

What would be your wording on this if you don’t mind to share.

As much as I would things in detail, I find that many guests who don’t read, would ignore it.

I would admit that when I was travelling to Japan and used airbnb for the first time, this host keep sending me all the instructions…I barely look at them. Too much on my mind then, until check in time at midnight trying to find the airbnb and a bit panicking actually (have 2 kids with me) and called them up and found them 30 minutes later.

So I am sure many guests are like me :slight_smile: and knowing me…I prefer to have something precise

I would ask if they’ll be needing the parking space (that can be a logical question as it might mean you or someone else needs to park elsewhere so not unusual to ask). If they say yes, reinforce their good choice by saying “great, having a car is really helpful here” and then explain the parking if there’s anything to explain. If they say no, then say, “thanks for your reply. Just making sure you know that the falls are 2 miles (or however far they are…I saw that in a review but not your listing, I would add that) and most people like to have a car to get there and to the area where restaurants, etc. are. You can also take Uber; it’s about $8-$10 each way. Let me know if you have any other questions and thanks for your interest” or “thanks for booking” if you have instant book.

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The reality is I probably wouldn’t say anything, and just know that some folks will ding for location.
I get those too. In my case yes, you could get a view and free parking and ALSO be a little closer to everything, but you’ll be paying twice as much. My overall rating average is 4.9 something, and that’s what I care most about.

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Great, thanks so much.

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