How to get shown with accessibility filters

Our home is what I would call “wheelchair friendly”. It’s not built to ADA standards, but it’s all on one level (except the pool), the doors are over 32 inches wide, and there aren’t any steps from the driveway into the house or inside the house.
That’s not common in our area, so I’d like to get shown if someone uses those filters. AirBnB kept pestering me to “show pictures”, but I wasn’t sure what pictures would satisfy them. For instance, do I need to put up a tape measure to show the width of the door openings?
Anyone have an accessible listing that shows up in the filters so I can see an example?

I think mine does, but I’ve never actually searched on that filter. I had to harangue Airbnb for months to get them to approve the accessibility photos I uploaded. They sat endlessly in review until I whinged to the brian’s email address.

Then in an excess of atonement, they sent a free still photographer. And then another beta test 3D photographer with equipment that measured doorways and created the floorplan in my photo list. Some of the 3D photos were more panoramic and very distorted-looking, so I didn’t use them. There was also some vague wording about “featuring” my listing somewhere, somehow, which never happened.

My accessibility photos are a combo of the pros’ and mine. They’re redundant because it’s an efficiency and the bedroom is the living room is the entry, etc. My photos aren’t the greatest in focus and some were taken at night, but I had already uploaded them, it was a pain to replace them with the still pro’s in the accessibility detail section (his were of course much better and I used them for the general listing photos), and the pros missed some features.

You come up when I search with the first four accessibility filters.

I think they might want pictures of a ramp and handrails.

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