How to Get Picture Organization To Consistently Work

Hi there,

For some reason my listing is not doing the ‘home tour’ picture groupings that is supposed to appear after you select Rooms and Spaces and designate pictures for each one. I have 40 pictures total. I have triple checked that each space has pictures assigned.

Has anyone else had this problem and/or know how to fix it?

Thank you


I had to manually change them @KraigK

It didn’t work for you as well when you tried?

Here’s what I did (that Airbnb said, but doesnt work

  • Went into Rooms and Spaces
  • Assigned pictures to each space (42 total)

Its supposed to then show that listing of rooms and then put them in order. It isn’t.

If you assign your photos to rooms then they will be in the order that the rooms are featured, which is set by the system. We cannot change the order of the rooms. If you want your photos to be in the order of your choosing, you will need to take them out of the rooms. I ended up doing a combination of the two until I got them sorted as I wanted.

Please see the picture regarding what I am talking about.

Airbnb instructions say that once you complete Rooms and Spaces and assign pictures, it will auto create this. This pic is from one of my listings.

The other listing I made… doing the exact same thing. Is not doing it.

I misunderstood the issue, sorry. But am on the right track now.

What is it doing instead - the one that isn’t working? Can you show me a pic of what the same part of that listing looks like?

Yep basically on my other listing, i try to set it all up and it’s just doing this instead:

Red Circle above - no ‘Room Tour’.

And Red Circle to side, not labelling the rooms.

My problem is that I cannot rename or re-order the Room Albums. So within my photos section, the album order is “Bedroom 3”, “Bedroom 2”, “Bedroom 1”. I would prefer to start with “Master Bedroom” and then include the “Master Ensuite”, before moving to Bedrooms 2 &3. Is there a way to fix this?