How to get actual customer sevice

I dont really know where to post this, but I thoight the community should know that the best way to contact customer service is to tweet
The response is quick and the people seem to know what thet are doing.

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What was your issue and what was their reply. We advise people all the time to tweet them about problems but have never heard of a tweet’s actual result. I’ve looked at their twitter help feed and all I see are messages saying to email them.

Hahahah! Me too. Only one time did it escalate into something helpful. When my incompetent case manager saw I was complaining again, i m sure she took great pleasure in beating me down again. Horrible woman.

What if I don’t have a Twitter account? Did you open one just for that?

Yup! Not a big deal. It’s free.

Can their policy have changed so much in just this year? I used to get good results by posting on their Facebook page but that got dicey…Abnb doesnt like the egg on their face revealed to the public at large.
I have tweeted 3 times in the last year and have gotten a fast response…my problem has always been IT malfunction, maybe thats why I actually got help.

For the first time ever, I waited 20 minutes when called last week and no answer…

Superhost or regular number?

Premium support: We’ve assembled a dedicated support team just for Superhosts. To get in touch fast, call (+)18883265753 or tweet at @AirbnbHelp.

Yeah, I had a similiar experience with SH CS in January. Minimum 10-15 minute waits. tI used to be no waiting on that line. Everyone probably calls that line now. How are they going to make it dedicated. You can’t stop people from dailing that number.

From a technical point of view, it’s not that hard. In fact, it can be easily done.

Their phone line can “recognize” your phone (if you’re calling from one that is in their system), and based on that direct you to their SH line.


They have no excuse then. SH support is just another empty Airbnb promise.

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Too many Superho. “When everyone is special, no one is special.” :joy:


I reckon half the superhost staff are now the Plus support staff, why bother employing more if you don’t have to.

Please respond, I cannot get help with my problems. I called a number for Airbnb and am asked for a password ? I need to edit my listings and nothing happens, I am so frustrated and would like to speak with a person.

@anita.leone you should know the password for your airbnb account ?, an alternative is to phone from the number you registered on your account, they will recognize the number.

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We are not affiliated with Airbnb. It sounds like you think we are customer support.

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Use social media to contact Airbnb. This is not 1998 :slight_smile: