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How to find a short term friendly apartment building


Hello All,

Can anyone recommend a good way to find out whether a building/hoa allows for short term rentals? I’m looking to find a place that will allow me to Airbnb when I’m living there.


I don’t think it is an HOA thing but more of a landlord thing. Do you own the unit? If so and you are an owner, you should have a copy of the CCRs where you can check for what’s allowed as far as subletting. . If you rent, your landlord should have provided you a copy of the CCRs. However,you have to find a landlord that allows it and most don’t. At least here in the US. When you sign a lease, check for a subleasing clause. If it’s allowed be sure to be fully upfront with your landlord. Doing an Air is pretty obvious and if it is not allowed, your neighbors will sometimes quickly notify the owner of your unit about what’s going on. And you could get the boot.

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