How to direct folks to my AirBnB listing

I want to print business cards to hand out to people to help them find my listing. What should I say on it to help them find me? Does my listing have a unique number or would searching by my name find my listing?

Yes, the number at the end of the listing url is unique to your listing. For example, my listing url is, so the unique number in this case is 8235275. You could just include the listing url.

You could also include the title of your listing. Mine, for example, is “Tower Room at Marine Lines”.

Presumably you do not want to include email addresses and phone numbers.

Hi @vhhorne

The problem with giving out business cards is that it means that people have to type in the URL for your listings, which is a step too far for a lot of people. And you are relying on them to go online and do this.

My advice would be to ask for their email address. This in marketing terms has two key advantages

  1. it means you have their contact details to start building and maintaining a relationship with them

  2. you can send them your URL with a special offer, and they can then share with friends and family.