How to delete review I wrote in 2012 on preview of property I'm listing

I am listing a property on Airbnb. When I click the preview, a review I wrote for a property we stay at in 2012 shows up under reviews (which we don’t have yet, since I haven’t published the listing yet). How can I get this deleted? It isn’t visible when I edit the listing.

I’d call Airbnb customer service to ask them. I’ve not heard of this before.

Best wishes to you.

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It will be on your profile as a guest review that you have left. Why would you want to delete it @carla1?

I suspect it may be a less than positive review of her/their stay, a good reason for wanting it gone.

@carla1, could you perhaps tell us more please? It would help in terms of framing what you say/ask Airbnb.

@Helsi I thought this too except OP said

It shouldn’t come up as a review on the preview of the listing. It really sounds like a glitch of some sort.

On Airbnb? Surely not :slight_smile:

Simple fix I reckon. You say “we” a couple of times which suggests partner/boyfriend/husband, therefore just open up another account in their name. Alternatively wait from now till the cows come home for a fix from Airbnb.


Thanks for all your responses. I guess I misspoke when I said “review”. It is a message I sent when my family and I reserved a property in 2012. I gave a little info about the purpose of our trip and that we were looking forward to staying at the property. It’s not anything bad, it just isn’t relevant to the property I am listing as the property owner. I suspect that your suggestions that I contact customer service is the only way to fix it.

Oh, are you talking about a blurb under the “Hi, I’m Carla”? on your profile page? If so, there should be a “edit profile” in blue letters under it if you are logged in and go to your profile.


Oh OK, thanks so much! I’ll try that.

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That was the easy fix once I had your help figuring it out. I went to my profile and erased my comment. It’s taken care of and now I can publish my property listing. Thanks so much!

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@carla1 Glad I could help! Now that you’re hosting, it’s probably best to fill that area out with a little bit about yourself as host, if you want. I know that, as a guest, I like to get a feel for the host and I think it’s good for us as hosts in its own way. It’s really the “about me” part of the listing.

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