How to create more income without extra work

I frequently have orphan days in my calendar. Having single days in between bookings can sometimes be difficult to book especially if you have a high cleaning fee. Also if you have say a Thursday Friday booking it is difficult to book Saturday as I have a two day minimum on the weekend . Here is what I do to try to sell my orphan days . I email the person whose stays ends before the orphan day and ask if they would like to extend their stay by one day at a discount…wait for response .if they say no, then I ask the person who comes in after the orphan day expires and ask if they would like to start their vacation early at a discount. It is no extra work for you , just extra money. Many times they will say know but once they are staying there, they will change their mind and ask to pick up the orphan day…this technique has helped me pick up an extra couple hundred dollars a month!


Wow, good thinking! Would never work here, where everyone arriving in Hawaii has a departure date, although many would love to extend.


Like Kona, hardly any guests here in Southwest Florida arrive or depart in such a way that taking the time to make the offer simply would not pay. They can easily add a day or come a day early because of flights. We get less than 1 in 10 guests who drive here from elsewhere in the state.


I’m in North San Diego County. We get many people that drive down from LA, San Francisco, Vegas and Arizona. So it’s easy to sometimes sell that orphan day, can’t hurt to ask !

Invest in real estate.Becoming a landlord isn’t always practical for those who are employed full-time and already strapped for cash. But you can look at buying a condo or small property in another country as a vacation getaway instead. The price tag is typically cheaper, even when you hire a local property management group to manage renters while you’re away.
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I have owned and managed rental property by myself for over 30 years while I I also have a full-time job. It’s not difficult at all to do if managed correctly and my properties have more than tripled in value, rents have trouble also . This is one of the few businesses you can actually successfully run while you have a full-time job . You basically find good mom to tenants to stay for several years at a time .the secret is before you rent the units go over every room with the finetooth comb and fix everything so tenants don’t have to call you often. You also keep a good handyman you can call if anything goes wrong . This is actually one of the few businesses you can operate yourself while maintaining full-time job ,

I meant to say rents have tripled also not trouble also !