How to correct payment sent to wrong account in Airbnb

I added a new listing in airbnb that should have payments go to a separate bank account than my other listing. I did not map the new account in time and I have two transactions that went to the wrong bank account. What is the best way to correct this? Ideally, I would have the money go back to Airbnb and posted to the correct account so that the 1099 will be correct. Any advice is appreciated! Thanks in advance.

No way I would try to have the money go back to Airbnb. That’s just asking for trouble. If you did that, you’d very likely never see that money again. Plus there isn’t any protocol for doing that. You’ll need to find some other way in your accounting to deal with the tax implications.


Is it your 1099? And is the 1099 on your other listing also yours?

Leave Airbnb out of it. It’s your error and you need to fix it in your accounting books.