How to control the visitors of guest?

I am a new host on Airbnb, listing my walk-out basement suite with separate entrance. I respect my guest’s privacy, give them the option to self check-in and check-out. I recently had a guy staying at my place for one week, he only put one guest in his booking and told me he is on a business trip to discuss a contract, which gives the impression this will be a very quiet week. The first night he arrives, I hear very loud music at 11pm, and I was wondering what was going on. I went down knock the door, couple ladies were in my suite dancing with TV on, the guy who booked my place was not there, so I just asked them to lower the volume and went up. I messaged guy, he told me they are here for a visit, only two people will sleep in my suite, ok, I accepted the answer as I am not sure what else I can do. BTW, I charged an extra guest fee when more than guests stay. Starting from the second day, I almost always hear multiple people talking in my basement during the day every day, it was better at night though. I also saw a few different groups of people going in or out from my basement, and at least two different guys rang my doorbell at main entrance during the week looking for him.The TV is also on most of the time, he used averagely 40 GB data per day through the provided smart TV. Technically, he is not breaking my rule, as I did not specify any visitor rules at the time he was booking, so I decided to just let the week pass, but I surely did not like this experience. I don’t want to put any “no visitor policy” on my listing, as I know most guests and visitors are nice and respect my place, but those guests who turn my place into their business center without even asking are really annoying. Any suggestion from you guys? Thank you so much.

You certainly had a jerk of a guest! Sorry about that.

One thing you can do is write in ALL CAPS LETTERING on the first page of your listing description: NO VISITORS ALLOWED!

Your place is NOT a “business transaction center”, and you need to make that clear. Nor is it a place for people to come to town and throw parties for their friends or people they pick up at bars. Your place is a place for guests to sleep. It sounds like he may have transacting business with ladies of the evening or even more shady activities.

Your mistake was not throwing the guy out that first night when you went down and there were other people there but not him… What kind of business guy, supposedly in town to “discuss a contract” has women over to your/his place at 11PM???

You should have called AirBnb then and told them you were not comfortable with this guest and let them re-home him.


I would have rules that regulate conduct rather than visitors. Such as no parties and keep noise to minimum. Just my thought. I’m guessing you would not have cared about the visitors if not for the disturbance.

Most of us have this. Mine says

“Only your registered and approved guests may be in the apartment or on the property.”

For a number of reasons, but the least of which, is that now these local “friends” (people completely unknown to you) have been given access to your place. They know what you own, how to get in, whether you live alone, and more.

I wasn’t all that new when it first happened to me. I sheepishly let the party girls who had booked my place to bring strange men in. Now, the new me, would just confront them at the door and ask them to leave.

Then I added that rule. You can’t trust guests to do the right or ethical thing so please protect yourself.
Then review this dude honestly.


Thank you so much everyone, I will take the advice from you guys, put some restrictions on the list. Not only the noises bugs me, I have more problem with multiple strangers walk into my back yard and entering my house using the back door. I am a new host and did not want to upset my guest, I guess I did completely wrong. this is my house, I should say “no” to activities I am not comfortable with, especially when there is security concern.


Your house, your rules!

Yep - live and learn! I think Kona’s rule is excellent. Keep in mind Airbnb’s insurance only extends to people on the reservation, so if one of those ladies suffers a fall from your coffee table during a poorly executed dance move and sues for injury on your property your only recourse is through homeowner’s insurance. Airbnb won’t do a thing for you.

I’d rather have guests include their guests on the reservation. So long as they’re below my max capacity, they’re welcome.

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“…if one of those ladies falls from your coffee table during a poorly executed dance move…” … :grin:

I would have rules against having parties. I try to be lenient about the odd guest as long as they keep the noise down.

I didn’t think about the insurance implications, I will be more careful in future

I think you need to have a rule that only registered guests are allowed, and you can include because of insurance liability coverage. I do not know if the airbnb insurance will cover injuries to non registered guests. I think this could be a problem.