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How to contact an Airbnb representative


Is there a contact phone number to speak to a live Airbnb Rep? For a company that is supposed to be “so easy”, I’m having trouble speaking with a live person. Thanks for any help


From what I’ve read, there is no number that you call. I believe you have to email them and they will give you a call if they need to.


If you go to Help and answer various prompts, a chat box will pop up. And if not, there will be an email opportunity, eventually. I think I did once call them-- look at gethuman.com I think they show a number.


There is a toll free number that has been mentioned in several community groups. I can’t find it right now. It may only work in North America.


Airbnb’s customer service phone number is 1-415-800-5959. This number is pretty hard to find. I created an online course teaching everything you need to know to run a successful Airbnb business and maximise your Airbnb revenue from Day 1. Check it out at www.airbnbsecrets.com Good luck! :slight_smile:


The number I use for customer service is: +1-855-424-7262. I am in Seattle, WA.


It’s BURIED deliberately! Can anyone guess why? :slight_smile:

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