How to check search rank of my own listing

I used to use google “Incognito “ to check the search rank of my listing, as well as a friend’s. After they both continued to pop up in the first few listings, I figured that was not working as intended.

I’ve been meaning to ask other hosts -especially those who advocate frequent tweaking to improve search results - how they then check their ranking.

Log out of your profile. Clear your browsing history and cookies. Then search.

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@Helsi Thanks, will do!

Or search using a different device than one you sign into your Airbnb account on.

I’m curious why this is important. Or why searching incognito [clearing search history and cookies] is important?

From these posts I’m getting the feeling that when we search for where our listing is on our own devices that the position of our listing that we’re seeing is not what the typical prospective guests see.

Why is that? Are we sure this is the situation or is it. something folks have ‘heard’?

If you look for your listing whilst signed in, the algorithm presents it high in the search. More Airbnb head patting.
I have seen this for myself.
You need to see your position as a potential guest sees it.


Well, I just did the search. Sure enough, on another browser our listing was on the first page but not the first listing, as it was on my browser.

I did the same thing with Vrbo and our listing showed the same position on each browser.

Thank you and all.

From my experience you not only need to be in anonymous or private mode, you also need to clear your browser cache of anything related to

I just did this. My poor listing is buried so far under new listings plus I’ve been booked on another platform for 6 months so pushed further down due to lack of activity so my bookings are lagging. Plus a 12 night booking in June just cancelled. Arrrrrgggggg

I’ve turned guests away (not available) for years even during the Covid lockdowns (rented to HC workers) Looks like I need to rethink how I do bookings & booking platforms.

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