How to charge for agreed extras

I have a guest arriving tonight who has requested some flowers as a surprise for his wife for Valentine’s Day. He is going to reimburse me. I’m just not sure of the best way to collect payment. I see on the app I can adjust the total price, should I just add the cost of the flowers onto that and submit a change request to the guest? Or will this extra amount be subject to Airbnb fees?
Is asking for cash the best way to approach this?
Many thanks!

I’d ask for cash. Putting it on airbnb adds fees and makes it part of your taxable income that you’d then have to break back out when you do your taxes (assuming it is similar in NZ to here)

Thanks! You’re right, it does work the same way and I hadn’t considered that. Cash seems to be the easiest option!

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Me too. But what a thoughtful guest to ask for flowers for Valentine’s Day. My current guests are what I would call ‘elderly’ (and I’m no spring chicken myself) but thanks for the reminder - I’ll send them a happy Valentine message in the morning. :couplekiss:

I know I thought it was lovely! personally I had forgotten, so had my partner :joy:


So had I until I saw this post - but if my partner doesn’t turn up tomorrow with at least a bunch of flowers, I’ll want to know the reason why!


I just got a message from our guest for this coming weekend for the same thing. If it’s not too expensive I’m not worried about it, but if it’s pricey I’ll be asking for cash.