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How to charge a pet fee?


OK, I have my first reservation request and the countdown clock has
started. How do I add the pet fee which is on my listing and which I
discussed with the guest? Should I accept the reservation and then
amend it or do something first. I just came here from many, many years
at HomeAway / VRBO and I feel like a babe in the woods…


Can you click on the “Make a special offer” button and add the fee to the regular nightly fee?


I’d add the pet fee to the cleaning fee and explain this somewhere in the listing’s text. For now you could ask the money (sash) when handing over the key. Awkward moment. One of the reasons I choose Airbnb :slight_smile:


I am also a HomeAway/VRBO listing so I know it is difficult with the transition since Airbnb has no separate pet fee function. If you have Instant Booking you will have to accept the booking then alter the booking is made then go the cancel or alter reservation function and add the additional fee which will be sent to your renter for approval. If you have not accepted the reservation try the Special Offer function and in the note tell them that the extra $ is the pet fee. I have tried the cash way and got burned a couple of times so I try to do it through the system. Sometimes people do not know if they shall bring their pet but they need to let me know BEFORE they come so I may alter their reservation. Anyway I wish Airbnb would come up with a “add on” fees item soon!


You can also do an alteration with the guest. Easy peasy. Go to your reservation and click Alter Reservation. Then add the pet fee in and send it to the guest. Since you already discussed it, she’ll it OK and your reservation should reflect the new amount. You could also get it in cash but this may be easier. Also remember it’s going to be part of the taxable income that the IRS sends you a 1099 on.


I have been actively doing research on this and it looks like the best way to do this is using the resolution center. Airbnb apparently does not hit this with their commission fee. It somehow goes straight to you (I think). Seems like a great way to add a little income for things like pet fees or whatever other fees come up or to collect local taxes, etc. Obviously you would have to warn your guests before you charge them. By the way I already keep track of and report all my income and pay all my local taxes (that I am aware of…)


Can you use the resolution center DURING a reservation, or after? Which brings up another question. I have collected about $500 worth of damage through the resolution center. Will this money be reported on my 1099 as taxable income? It shouldn’t be? Does anyone know? Its unfair to have to pay tax on something you were reimbursed for.


You should not have to but just in case make sure you get bills or receipts for anything you pay out to take care of the damage. I think that would cancel out the income.

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