How to change your mind on a refund issued through the resolution center

I’m new to asking questions on this forum. I’ve only been hosting a couple of months and found it very helpful to learn from your experience - thank you!
My question is, how do I reverse a partial refund that I already submitted to the Resolution Center.
I decided to offer a partial refund to a guest this week as he was disturbed by some workers on my house who turned up unexpectedly and early. When I submitted the partial refund request to AirBnB, since they’d already paid the trip out, they said they’d refund him out of my next payout. The thing is, I only AirBnB selectively and may not have another guest until the end of November, and I want to be a responsible host and don’t think it’s fair to wait 2.5 months to issue the refund I promised.
I then went ahead and reimbursed him out of the AirBnB system, via Paypal, which I feel better about as at least it is closed out. However I cannot see a way to cancel the scheduled partial refund through AirBnB. Has anyone else experienced a) how long it takes for a refund to post, and b) importantly how I can go ahead and cancel the scheduled refund? Thank you all!

Call airbnb, I don’t know if you can do it online.

I believe the guest gets the partial refund immediately from airbnb. Airbnb just takes it out of your next payment (you get paid less next time). The paypal refund sounds like it was outside of airbnb. You might have just refunded your guest twice.

From airbnb help forum (not sure this is the exact scenario:
After you send the details, your guest will be notified and can choose to accept or decline the offer. If the offer has been accepted, we’ll process your transaction within 48 hours. You’ll be notified once the transaction is complete.

Once you submit the refund amount, the transaction is considered final. To ask your guest for any money back, you will need to submit a new request using the Resolution Center.

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Thanks guys. I think I’ll have to chalk this one up to to experience.

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You could explain the situation to your guest and ask if they can send the paypal payment back.

However you should never go outside Airbnb regarding payments.

Do have a look through their Help Centre and read up on everything. This will help you avoid future mistakes.

good luck with your hosting.


I once refunded a guest twice (deposit, someone on a competing platform) and begged her to return the duplicate payment. And she did, even though she claimed there was mold on the shower curtain (there was not) and she was hoping I’d offer clean linens every other day, (i did not.) Thnak goodness, but it gave me pause about using PayPal for anything.

Everyone be careful with PayPal!!! They will pull payment right out of whatever bank account you have listed, with no notice and with no chance of reversal!!!

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