How to block someone?

Why can’t I block someone?

This last step to block is non existent :thinking:
I also did Airbnb chat they couldn’t do it either?

Best I can tell this has been disabled for awhile. As for why? It a host friendly feature and Airbnb isn’t interested in a host friendly platform?


They seem to be getting less and less host friendly from what I’m reading :woman_shrugging:t2:


In my experience they disable this option from time to time. I’ve been successful in having CS initiate the block on my behalf when the option is not present / non functional. Give them a call and request they assist you.


Read above… I tried that no help. Now this annoying person has just requested to book again. Which they have done twice before then never paid. Just keeps blocking my calendar.

Why can’t you tell this person not to request your place again. Or send them a special offer at an enhanced rate?

“Dear Mr. Flake, Given your previous requests with no follow up I must respectfully ask that you not request my listing again. If you don’t stop contacting me I will report you to Airbnb for harassment.”


I’m on Air chat again demanding they BLOCK them

I’ve never had to block anyone, thankfully. But I would go with KKC’s suggestion. It’s a lot more polite than my version would be!
You are under no obligation to host anyone you don’t want to. Just decline and don’t answer any more of their messages?

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There isn’t a special offer option… only Accept or Decline Maybe because they have already booked twice? I don’t know but I’m getting tired of having my calendar blocked up for someone who’s not ready to book whether they are a troll or not.

I was thinking this while reading the above.


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And how do I unblock my calendar?

In this case I think you need to hit decline. This is the advantage of IB. Maybe they would just book and then you could cancel. Or maybe not, maybe they keep requesting.

That’s what happened the last request expired after I approved so they went 24 hours not a word… then re booked :woman_shrugging:t2: Now won’t stop texting so I just deleted my listing because I’m at work … too busy for this crap.

I sent your polite message then she replied having bank problems. I declined and suggested they communicate better and fix their bank issues prior to booking. And Airbnb comments I let them have it for not doing anything about it.

Don’t we get dinged for declining???

I just blocked someone yesterday. It doesn’t give you the block option if you report the user. But if you go within the message thread (might have to do it on your computer) there is a little flag on each message and you can click one of them and report them, then at the end it will ask if you also want to block them. I’m writing this from my memory of doing it 2 days ago, so let me know if you can’t get it to work and I’ll try to send screenshots.


Well yes, if you decline too often, but you said you were booked until Dec. so you have plenty of time to recover.

Hmm, what did you do? Deleted? You mean snooze? Why not just block the days she’s requesting.


Ooooh, I’d forgotten about that little flag. Good to know.

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I’ve never tried to block anyone through the Airbnb website or app. Didn’t know it was ever possible to do so, in fact.

We have effectively blocked one guest who stayed here once and broke just about every rule (the only bad guest we’ve had). I called Airbnb on the day he left and asked them to stop him from booking with us again. They knew the whole story, because I had talked with them three or four times during the 20 hours he stayed here.

Airbnb didn’t end up actually “blocking” him, but they acknowledged to me that if he ever booked with us again (he did, later that same day), we could cancel the reservation and never host him again, without any repercussions.

Interesting to know that actual blocking is possible.


Because she has requested 3 different sets of dates. Yes I deleted it.

Thank you I’ll check again when I have time… you would think Air chat could tell me that!!!

I hate to be pedantic, but you said you were on chat, and @sobepuppy is suggesting you call. The CS agents can be even more clueless in writing.

You’re quitting hosting over this? What about your bookings into December?

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