How to become Super Host

I need help. I have been an Airbnb host for 2 seasons. I have met and hosted wonderful people. I have had people return. I have worked really hard to be an exceptional host and provide a clean and attractive home/space. It is rural and in a country setting with beautiful mountain views and only 35 minutes away from a popular national park. My goal is to be a super host but fall short. I have friends in the area that also are Airbnb hosts and they have achieved super host rating in a much shorter time. I would appreciate some positive feedback in what I can do.

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No-one can advise I’m afraid based on the information you have given.

What areas are you falling short on?

Do you know why?

Have you spoken to your friends who are superhosts locally and asked them to review your listing?

I’d need to see your listing and your ratings for starters.

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As the other answers have pointed out, it’s difficult to give advice without more knowledge about your listing. Though, here are two general tips. For starters, don’t wait long to answer you guest’s requests. Also, ensure that you give your guests all the necessary info that they’ll need when they arrive for the stay. It sounds basic, but many hosts neglect communication.


I have communicated with some of them. They say they like what they see in my listing and I do the exact same things they do. I have most always got 5 stars in everything except location and cleanliness. The location is very explicit so not sure how people rate that less and the home is very clean - have had review that say it is sparkling clean with a 5 star review and the next one leaves a 4 star. I believe reviews are very subjectional instead of objectional.

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Thanks … I get 5 stars on communication. Lol that is one of my strengths

How do I show you my listing here

Go to your listing and get the url and copy and paste it here. It should look like (listing number at the end) You haven’t been very active here but you’ve been a member a while, I think you can post a link. If not, let me know and I’ll message you and you can send it to me and I’ll post it for you.

Thank you … on my way to work right now but will do it later . I do appreciate your help

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I’m wondering if you’re putting too much emphasis on becoming a superhost? It really isn’t the be-all and end-all of hosting life. I’ve been a SH forever and I suppose I’d be a little annoyed if I lost it but only in a kindergarten-lost-my-gold-star way.

There was a host who posted here for many years and I think that most of us who have been around for a while are like me in that they were able to learn so much from her. She wasn’t a super host and said that it’s unlikely that she ever would be, but she had a great little Airbnb business.

Yes, there are one or two small benefits but they’re really nothing worth busting a gut over.

Offer great service, be natural with your guests and relax!


So your goal is to bend over backward for your guest, and bent over forward and to get screwed by Airbnb, until you end up with a burnout.

If getting a badge is your goal rather than being a good host, than you will not last long in this business.


I agree I got my superho status within the first quarter but it wasn’t something I actively went after, or strive to keep, it just keeps getting awarded.

Also @glenwood I don’t think that they take location into account when looking at whether you get Superho .

I regularly get marked down on location and it doesn’t make a jot of difference.

Anyway post your listing and we’ll take a look.

Have you asked guests who mark you down on cleanliness to help you achieve a five star rating how you could improve? Might give you some pointers.

I think you might want to reconsider that opinion? There are many hosts at this forum who, like me, have been in this business for many years and who haven’t burned out or sold their souls to the devil. Strangely, we have lasted long in this business. I wonder why that could be?


I’m one of those who isn’t having any trouble maintaining SH status. In addition to the small competitive advantage it might afford me I do use that travel voucher I get each year. I don’t know if it helps when I call CS but they claim it does and it can’t hurt.

I’m sure there are great hosts who aren’t SH and there are bad hosts who qualify. But anyone who feels that they have to disparage SH status and those who get it just sounds envious.


No, no need to reconsider.
Reread my answer, and try to understand what I wrote.

No need. I have comprehension skills, too.

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If a badge is your goal, at some point you will find yourself curled up in a corner crying, about how the unfair the world is to you.

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oh did that happen to you @Chris dearie :disappointed_relieved: hope you feel better soon…

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It would help to know which part of the SuperHost metrics you missed.

If you go to the “Progress” section of your hosting page, and then to “Opportunities” -> “Superhost”…it should look something like this. You can use the drop-down box to select prior time periods.

Looking at yours, where are you falling short? When you look at prior time periods, has it consistently been the same issue?


Thank you for that pick me up … appreciated