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How to become a city host

I was wondering how to become a city host, what are the requirements and how the program works

What is a city host?

It’s that program you expressed your displeasure with last week. LOL


Oh, that being a guide thing? I didn’t remember what it was called, better take my ginkgo :face_with_head_bandage:

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My husband called Airbnb as he was interested in being a City Host. He decided against it. If you’re interested; I recommend that you call Airbnb and ask for the details.

So there’s another thread here where this has been discussed

hi, could you please post the link to city host beta, I don’t see it in my dashboard, thank you very much

It’s by invitation only I believe so it may not be available to you, check the other thread. And this thread should help, we don’t need multiple threads on the same subject when there are already too many lol

Ok here’s a link to the terms and conditions to be a city host

After reading it I would never do this, sooo many disclaimers and sooo much possible liability

I received an email from Air a few weeks back saying that they were working a new project, asking about my hobbies, centers of interests, and if I was doing something (a weblog, a career…) to share them. I think they were looking for people suitable to be city hosts :slight_smile:

I think they don’t need city hosts passionate about 20th century architecture in the suburbs of Paris as I have not heard back from them :slight_smile:


Good to hear from a fellow 20th century architecture fan! Our area has many Mid Century Modern buildings and out listing is MCM too. I’ve had guests who have told me that they chose our place because of its MCM-ness.

I would love to offer a local architectural tour!

Yes, your listing is in my wishlist if ever I visit Florida :slight_smile: it just looks terrific ! With its character and view that’s the kind of place where I would be happy to move in.

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So cool of you @Barthelemy :slight_smile:
I hope to see you one day!

@EllenN How did your husband contact them? I always find calling Airbnb difficult.

I’ve only done so a few times but I have found them prompt and courteous.

He used the phone number from this website. We are Superhosts, so we get through to Airbnb more quickly.

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