How to become a air bnb co host?

I am trying to register as an air bnb co host, but I am not able to figure it out. If anyone can help me step by step on how to register yourself as a co host or if you have other ideas and ways to become a co host, if you know anyone who would be looking co hosts, or other websites to look at.

I’ve never tried. But I would be inclined to put my qualifications and experience online and promote it to social media, like a resume. That way, you’ll attract people from sites other than Airbnb.

If you look at the Airbnb Help Centre it tells you how co-hosting works.

If you are in an area which has co-hosting or that they are rolling co-hosting out to and you are a superhost, they will send you an invitation to sign up.

I think you need to let the Host assign you as Co-Host, you can’t assign yourself.