How to be Awesome at Digital Marketing for your listing!


Ever wondered how to get your listing to the top of the search, bring a journalist for a review in a magazine or figure out how to get your guests to recommend your listing to their friends?

Ask me anything!!

I am digital marketing specialist and mentor at Google. I recently wrote a book to help hosts bring more guests and get awesome :smile:

Happy to answer any question you may have- I hope I can be helpful!!!

(below is a link to my ebook if you want to see more about me)

Hi Sarah,
I am interested in this topic. I realize you have written an ebook that you’d like to sell, but you are offering here also to help individually…thanks!
What are the basics to marketing outside AirBnb? I am not a techie, so techie lingo answers won’t help. I would be happy to take this offline if you like.
Thanks in advance.

This is really great… I am happy for you :relaxed:

Does anyone else find it strange that someone who is a ‘digital marketing specialist’ joined here simply to plug her book and then never returned?

Well if she had been a digital marketing specialist…she wouldn’t have taken this approach…nuff said :slight_smile:

Hi Carolina

I work in marketing and communications and am also a host.

Let us know what you need help with (start a new thread) and I am sure myself and others can pitch in for free :slight_smile:

I’m in a similar business :slight_smile:

Between us all here there’s a huge amount of knowledge - all available free.

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