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How to add a parking fee


bloody parking.
To avoid ‘nickel and diming’ I charge more for my listing as it has internal parking, but I suspect people who use it don’t appreciate the value of city centre parking, and I’ve had a couple of 4stars on value.
So now I’ve dropped the price, and ticked ‘paid parking on-site’ in the amenities section, but not sure how to seal the deal. How do I go from that tick, to getting a tenner extra per night?
(I have searched)


Last I heard from my buddy Brian, charging for some extras is “COMING SOON” like everything else. I don’t know I would have dropped my price because of a couple 4 stars on value. Maybe make it clearer in your listing that parking costs money but you are paying it for them.


Pay cash on arrival?


yeah, I think I’ll do that…Once I ticked ‘paid parking on premises’, I tried a search for listings in my town that have ‘paid parking’, but the only amenity listed to search for, was ‘free parking’, so it’s not going to plan!


ideally, but do I add that to my main description?


Yes, I would add it to the main description if you have the space to fit it.


This is just like charging for pets or even for an additional person. Make it clear that parking is available but extra. When someone books ask in the message thread if they will be wanting the parking and tell them it’s an extra charge per day.

There are two ways currently to do this via Airbnb. The easiest is to send a “special offer” or use “change reservation.” On change reservation you can just change the price. This will add Airbnb fees to the price whereas using the request money doesn’t. But they would have been charged fees on that anyway if it’s in the price previously.

If you want to save them the fees use the request money button. Warning: they then have to go accept it and because it’s in the resolution center they can’t see it on their reservation page. I’ve stood with a man on my porch looking on the app for some sign of it and it’s not to be found. The best way for them to find it is to go to their email that Airbnb sends and click the link there. If it’s clear they agree to accept it in the message thread you will eventually get your money. So the advantage to using this is you have to wait for the guest to accept it and it’s hard to find but it seems that Air will have your back on it.

You could also arrange to have them pay when they get there.


How common is it for people to want to use the parking

How do you control access


I live on site, open the garage door for them, show them how to close it
Maybe 4 out of 5 want parking


That looks very do-able, thankyou so much


It’s “Brighton Bloody Parking”! If anyone is mad enough to drive to Brighton, yes charge them a fee. The last time I was there, I think the Council overnight charge was £10. Charge what they charge, put it in your amenities, with pay on arrival in your house rules. I would much rather have underground parking than paid-for street parking.


I thought of you as I posted!


I must still bear the scars of that trip…

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