How to actually delete a listing on Booking.Com

We are so done with One booking in 5 months. We tried promotions and increasing their commission. Nothing helped. Now, their calendar export to air stopped working correctly - so we decided to get rid of this useless channel.

Naturally, their “official process” is completely wrong. There should be a delete room/unit under Property -> Room details / Property Layout. Naturally, it isn’t there. I had to call them to get a real answer.

Here is actually how to do it:



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Yes it is. Following same steps:

Change “Number of apartments (of this type)” to zero. Save. Job done.

It took us about six months to get a foothold with BDC, now it accounts for over 40% of our business, at a higher net return than Airbnb or Homeaway.

Currently it’s not the best platform for in home hosts, although they are making inroads to that market, but for an “entire place” it’s ideal as a back up to Airbnb. Yes, it takes time to gather reviews (which in turn brings in more business) as you don’t get the same new user bump as Airbnb, but the support is far more professional and their user interface, once you get the hang of it, is far more flexible than Airbnb.

Obviously, in your opinion, BDC hasn’t worked for you; but rather than criticising the OTA, maybe you should reflect on why it hasn’t worked for you, but has for many other STR hosts.



Was not there on my screen - PC using latest Chrome. I spent a lifetime in IT. Thanks.

It is what it is. Per my OP we tried a lot of things, including bumping their commission to 20%. Nothing resulted in any more bookings than the one that we got in month 2.

If it works for you, fine. In our area, for whatever reason, nothing other than airbnb has been effective at all.

Good for you!

I have also, and as lifetimes go, probably more of them than you, unfortunately :slight_smile: but I tend not to brag about it. When, after too many Olorosos, I talk to my OH in machine code she can generally sense it’s time to power me down.

Then that says more about your listing, and how you were presenting it on BDC, than it does about BDC. If you’re listing an entire place on Airbnb then generally speaking BDC and HA have a similar guest demographic. Both are excellent back ups to Airbnb, just in case you get that rogue Airbnb guest (basing that on purely anecdotal accounts on here).


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It wasn’t to brag - it was to clarify that a feature that is supposed on be on page X was actually not there. I tried different devices and browsers.

For whatever reason, in our area the only site that gave us bookings is airbnb. We listed on all of them: booking, tripadvisor, vrbo, misterbandb, etc.

We would MUCH rather have had our business spread out across multiple platforms - it simply did not work out that way.

Or you could…


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