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How the other PMS website run without official APIs?


Hi. This is Aaron from Korea.
I was searching about airbnb APIs for weeks but still didn’t get an answer.
The official APIs seems to be given to selected few and unofficial APIs seem to be clocked now.

I am eager to know how the other PMS website run for now, and how I use Airbnb API.
Please let me know any small tip. Thank you.


We are a collection of Airbnb HOSTS, not computer programmers. Contact Airbnb directly for information on their APIs, and contact people who create PMS for information on Property Management Services software.


sorry about that. Here was the last chance to get information as i know here are many programmers of PMS also. Thanks btw.


Ive been web scrapping for two years without any major changes. AWS charges me about usd$30 per month. As far as I know this is how everyone does it.


Thanks for the keyword what I can search. I will figure out what AWS is.

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