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How should you stock your Airbnb?

Tips & tricks on how you should be stocking your home: http://www.rented.com/vacation-rental-best-practices-blog/stock-vacation-rental-airbnb/

What do you leave for your guests?

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This article is very helpful and informative! :relaxed:

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No electric Kettle? Worthless piece of writing… :laughing:


Don’t start with the kettles. Think I’ve had enough. Lol


no kettle?! …I’m out.



Hahaha the article might need to be revised. :laughing:

Scales in the bathroom? Who wants to think about their weight when they’re on vacation?

I think that a lot of hosts here will find the list a bit basic. :slight_smile: How about books and magazines? Board games? Local tourist information? Fresh flowers?

Another one that made me chuckle was the alarm clock. Everyone uses their phones if they need an alarm.

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