How people view Airbnbs

Ugh. This comment came from a site I’m a member of which has nothing to do with vacation rentals. Just a random discussion:


It’s like a hotel, I’ll wipe my ass with pillows if I want to.


Wow!!! I wouldn’t wipe my ass with pillows in a hotel either.

Isn’t there a US insult referring to someone as an a**wipe? Seems to fit this obnoxioua person pretty well!

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Assume the comment is hyperbole

Amazing how one comment can us so much about a person: disrespectful, arrogant, crude, self-centered… plus they don’t understand home-sharing.

I also read TGR, and it’s worth noting that most of the people in that thread are espousing opinions that people here would agree with, and that the quoted comment, while ridiculous, is less inflammatory in context:

Maybe you know those people better than I do. It seemed like it meant what it said.

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Ah, yes, just read the whole thread (rather wish I hadn’t, very depressing …) and the context makes it read a bit differently, though I still don’t agree with him!

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Anywhere you read comments about Airbnb (except on host forums) there are plenty of negative ones. I think it’s well worth it for hosts to understand the negativity surrounding Airbnb.


It always makes me sad/mad when I see press articles about short term rentals and they refer to them ALL as Airbnbs then squeak in a reference to other STRs like VRBO, Homeaway, etc. at the end.

I feel like it contributes to the negative attitudes.