How often do you wash duvets and pillows?

How often do you wash duvets and pillows? (NOT linen as obviously that is every time!)

I’d be interested to know how often you do this.


Duvets every few months. Also the mattress and pillow protectors. Obviously I would wash them as soon as there was a mark. I air them regularly as well.

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There are those that say you should wash duvet or comforters etc. every time you have a new guest other will say a different time period. it comes down to person choice and what you feel comfortable with.


i wash my duvets in hot water and bleach every time. Pillows are encased in impenetratable bug proof covers and the covers are washed every time (hot water and bleach).


Bug proof covers should not be bleached, this actually disintegrates the liners rendering them useless


It’s more a count of guests than a period of time. If I have 15 stays in a month I’ll wash once a month. If I have 15 stays in a year I might wash twice a year. I have duplicates or triplicates of everything so I have plenty of time to launder the big heavy items.

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You’re supposed to wash duvets and pillows??


Of course. Even with covers on them things can seep through and then dry and you might not even realize it happened. Skin cells sift through the weave of the covers. And even if clean enough they can get musty smelling, quicker some places than others. If I lived in a damp climate I’d be laundering them more often than I do.

I wash everything in between guests. We don’t use duvets or comforters, just fleece blankets and throws so they wash well. I have vinyl pillow covers, then a zippered fabric case, then a normal pillow case. Both outer cases are washed. I even throw the shower curtain in the washer.


I operate at a disadvantage since I no longer have a sense of smell, so I wash everything after a guest visit. It’s a lot of work but I know the bedding is fresh and clean, so no worry on my part.

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I wash the pillow and mattress covers and the duvet covers when I wash the blankets and sheets.

I have recently started using down alternative comforters instead of goose down, and these can be washed easily, but they still take a long time and a lot of energy to dry.

I tend to wash the pillows and comforters at the end of the season before putting them away. But bedding protectors are great!
They keep allergens and everything else away from the guest and anything the guest brings away from our bedding.

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Yes yes yes & you can wash feather duvets …
I find tho that I need to go to a laundry Matt as they have the big commercial size washers & king size duvets need that extra room.


Thanks all - that’s interesting to hear. Definitely a job for a commerial laundrette with 5 double duvets and accompanying pillows!

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I keep pillows in waterproof/bedbug covers, and wash those every so often, but not the pillow inserts. (I tend to just replace pillows if they start getting a little flat). I try to wash duvets every few weeks in summer, every other month(-ish) in cooler weather and anytime something goes through the (white) cover.

I had one guest who sweated so badly that the duvet stank, he must have had it pulled up under his armpits. I about fell over from the smell when I walked in to the room. I didn’t have a spare one, and only had a short amount of time from checkout to the next guest arriving, so I had to put the duvet insert in the fresh cover with the stinky end at the foot of the bed after dowsing that end of the insert in Febreze. (Not my finest moment, but sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do.) Fortunately, that did the trick. Immediately after I got home, though, I ordered an extra insert and mattress cover. I haven’t needed to use it (of course!), but I have a little peace of mind knowing that it’s there.


Hello, I actually don’t wash the liners, unless there is a spot on them. Then it’s on a spot by spot basis. I do wash the bug proof pillowcases if there is a spot or odour.

You shouldn’t said that. Personally I throw out all linens and towels after each guests and purchase new ones because even with extended very hot washes you can never be entirely sure that some stray dirt or skin cell or hair has not escaped the filter and are still present. I also burn my house down once a year and rebuild it for the same reason.


I was actually joking … I suppose irony doesn’t come over very well - should have usedan emoji :wink::wink::wink:

Still not sure that’s enough, might still be cooties living in the ashes …

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LOL. True! It seems that Jam got it.

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I knew that you were. But there again, we’ve discussed duvets here just a few times before, right? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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