How often do you change your airbnb pillows, linens etc

How often do you hosts change to buy new pillows, bedding linens and towels? I am sure it may differ for everyone but curious how it goes for others. Especially the pillows. I am not sure when to replace them. Thanks

I haven’t done a wholesale replacement of everything. I got a new mattress that came with pillows so I’m using them but still have the old ones. I have towels that are 3 years old but I also have newer ones. I got new sheets because I changed bed sizes. I’ve been doing this almost 5 years and given how many sets I have I’d say I’m getting replacements every two years. On pillows I have some with a shredded foam filling in a thin case. Over that is a thick zippered quilted case then a zippered pillow protector then a pillow case. I wash the zippered protectors periodically. The foam stuffing gets washed by hand twice a year. I won’t replace them unless they get destroyed or soaked in body fluids.


I replaced my pillows after 2 years. It was partially thinking it may be time for a change, and part I also wanted to upgrade them in general.


Everything I’m using now - bedding and towels - were bought in 2015. That includes pillows although I think I bought two new ones about 2 years ago. The old ones went onto my own bed :slight_smile:


One benefit of having the guest room have the same size bed I have. Due to the dogs I can’t really have nice things on my bed so once they aren’t good for the airbnb room I’ll use them.


I can’t say how often they are replaced as most have been around less than 2 years. But I am testing high tc cotton sheets because the polyester ones are pilling and harder to clean.

I replace pillows, sheets and towels yearly. I donate the older stuff to an animal shelter and I get a deduction on my taxes.

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I just replaced my pillows after just 4 months… just not nice & fluffy anymore.

Just a reminder that the standard deduction has increased. I’m sure there are many hosts here for whom itemizing still makes sense but for me I’m so far short of having more than $12,000 in deductions that I’m not even keeping tabs on my charitable contributions any longer.


Generally, a better quality pillow should last you about three years, while cheaper pillows might have to replaced as often as every six months.

It depends. Aldi has $35 queen sheet sets next week so I will probably get some. Towels depends on need as well Aldi or Kmart. Pillows come with dates on them which is a handy reminder. Usually when needed.

I have a down pillow that must be 20 years old. It’s mine and so I’m not grossed out by it. The down/feathers are so old and compacted that it’s lost a lot of fluff but I still love it.

The pillows for the airbnb are chopped foam. That foam can be moved around so compared to a solid piece of foam or polyfill it’s not going to break down as fast. Also they were way overfilled so I took the extra foam out and am storing it. As long as the covers don’t rip, tear or get a permanent stain I could see using them for far longer than 3 years. OTOH if someone just bought a polyfill pillow, put a pillowcase on it and left it for 3 years that would be gross.

I was in a Hyatt within the last two years that had a pillow with a twisted and yellow corner on it that was visible. The Hyatt has no pillow protector on the pillow, just the pillowcase. That corner looked to me like someone had been sucking on it every night for a week. It was gross looking.

No pillow protector in the Hyatt? That seems really strange.

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i wash everything, pillows, down comforters blankets etc… I used pillow covers so that I dont have to wash pillows after every guest, but only when needed.
As for linens, when they look old. Also it depends upon the bed linens quality. AT the suggestions of some people here I bought cotton sheets from amazon. I wonder how long they will last. Probably a year? On the other hand I have some older Ralph Lauren sheets… man they last a long time. they are expensive but worth the money,

Nope. I took a picture of the pillow and was going to email corporate but that was before my Costa Rica trip and by the time I got back I was busy and lost interest.

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But it is a business do you not list income and expenses separate like you would any business

Of course I do. You might consider re-reading the thread.

That’s what makes the short-term rental industry so interesting. Everyone has their own hacks that work for them. At the end of the day, by applying good judgement like you’ve done, hosts can deliver five-star experiences to all their guests. Thank you for sharing what’s worked for you. That’s one of the secrets - find out what works for your setup and stick to that plan.

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