How much to reveal in guest review?

We are new, started in March, and had our first bad guest, they had no previous reviews. In my review, I’ll say they didn’t follow house rules, (vape cartridges on the floor, didn’t strip beds, trash in house and yard), and we won’t host again, but do I say that storage closets were gone through and strewn about - new blankets missing - 4 hand towels missing and a new large towel missing? new ceiling has small chips, black grease on white curtains, furniture moved, window screen knocked out?
Or is not following house rules (being specific) and won’t host again enough?
I felt like we were treated like we were a worn out Motel 6.


Them not following house rules is mild compared to them causing damage, rifling through your stored stuff and thieving. Mention all of it. Don’t need to go into detail. “Would not host again. House rules ignored, damages, rifled through storage and walked off with new bedding found in it, as well as other missing items. Left the place in disarray and filthy.”

As an aside, you need to lock up or remove storage you don’t want guests to have access to, and why are you asking guests to strip the beds? That’s part of the cleaner’s job and only takes a few minutes to do. While these guests were all around horrid, even good guests often feel that stripping beds isn’t something that should be asked of paying guests, and I concur.


Not sure if you can accuse them publicly of theft. Maybe you can write something like “Place was left a mess which took double the time to clean and some items were moved and misplaced. In addition, house rules were not followed. I cannot recommend these guests to our Airbnb community.” Then click on “would not host again.”


I don’t see why you can’t accuse them of theft when it is obvious they stole stuff. I wouldn’t use the terms “stolen”, or “theft”, but “several blankets and towels missing” is a fact. And it gets across the idea better than “moved and misplaced”, which could be taken to mean they just put things back where they don’t belong.

So my suggested “walked off with”, I agree is not a good way to put it.

While hosts sometimes jump to false conclusions when finding things missing, running across them placed in some other area, or towels maybe found in the garbage to hide the fact that the guest destroyed or stained them, new blankets and a bunch of missing towels, that the host can’t find anywhere is obviously theft.

Of course, hosts should always check every area, and the garbage, thoroughly before assuming guests stole something. And sometimes small items may have been accidentally packed in the guest’s luggage, thinking it was theirs, especially things like chargers, USB cubes, etc. so if it’s something like that, hosts should message the guests and ask, without accusing.

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Please leave and honest and through review. Saying things are missing that were there when they checked in is a statement of fact, not a direct accusation.

If you have any evidence whatsoever (like a time stamped picture taken the day of check in) I’d submit a request for payment. You need a camera on every exterior door, or maybe you have them and that’s why exterior window screens were knocked out? So they could haul out the stuff they were stealing? Or letting extra guests in for a party. With this kind of destruction I’d take extensive pictures and file a claim anyway.



Prepare yourselves, fellow hosts, for an encounter like no other! This guest, with absolutely no reviews to guide us, graced us with their exceptional talent for disregarding rules. Witness their artistic display of vape cartridges on the floor, beds left unstripped like avant-garde installations, and trash thoughtfully scattered throughout the property. Marvel at their impressive feat of turning storage closets into a chaotic labyrinth of disarray!

But wait, there’s more! Behold the disappearing act of essential items like blankets and towels, vanished into thin air, leaving us in awe. And let’s not forget their magical touch of chipped ceilings, grease-stained curtains, and furniture rearrangement that would make any decorator envious.

So, if you’re seeking a host-guest experience that defies convention and revels in chaos, look no further. This “Rule-Breaking Extraordinaire” will leave an unforgettable impression on your property and your sanity. But for those who prefer a more conventional and respectful stay, we recommend proceeding with extreme caution.


You can say that several items “disappeared” or “were missing when the guest left the property.”
“Misplaced” understates the situation.


Thanks all for the great discussion. I really liked balivilla’s response, but I was taking too long and my wife did a more traditional straightforward review noting things were missing.

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