How much to pass over my parking vouchers?

I pay for a yearly parking permit, £170, which then allows me to buy daily vouchers for £4.50 (for visitors, family, gas engineers, etc). These vouchers are worth their weight in gold, as without them, you can only park for 3 hours, or it’s £25 in a car park. Imagine 24hr city parking for £4.50!

Do I pass them on for £4.50, or add a couple of quid?

I think it depends on the pricing structure of your listing. If you’re bargain pricing, where an extra ~$5 might make the difference between someone booking with you or not, I’d price the vouchers separately and round the cost up to something closer to market value.

If you have a little more premium listing, I’d roll the cost into my nightly rate and tout the FREE PARKING* (*for one vehicle) in the title or main description of my listing. It sounds like parking is highly sought after, so it could really set your place apart if guests are trying to decide between another listing and yours.

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Coincidentally I’ve recently been researching the prices hotels charge per night for parking (often valet parking is the only option) and it can be astronomical. So you’re offering your guests a really good deal.

If it was our listing, I’d bump the nightly price up by about a fiver a night and offer free parking. If you only have to buy them when needed, you’d be making money on people who didn’t have a car :wink:

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No kidding! I just paid $70/day for valet hotel parking in Chicago, which was about a third of the nightly rate.

Being unfamiliar with downtown (and expensing the trip) I didn’t drive around to find a cheaper option.

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I tout “Park Free!” right in my listing title, as local hotels charge an arm and a leg. Guests have the option of parking in the driveway or using a temp hangtag, a book of which I purchased along with the parking decals i paid the local authorities for. I don’t charge separately – therefore, I am slightly on the high end of pricing for Airbnb comps in my area. Also would be logistically difficult to keep them OUT of the driveway. I watch with interest your decision, however, as I’ve got a second home in the middle of another city where I can buy a rather costly parking pass, which I could charge for and leave in the house or not (and what if they carelessly drive away with it? Oh bother. And of course, Airbnb’s fee structure won’t accommodate – how would you charge? Special offer?)

Special offer will charge Airbnb fees on the total. If you use the resolution center there is no added fee. If you feel comfortable you can use a payment service like PayPal or Venmo. But then you have to hide the parking pass and only tell them where it is if they pay?

Really Barns, you know exactly what my answer is!

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charge them the earth!