How much to charge to set up new air BnB listing online for someone

Hi, I am wondering how much to charge to set up a new air BnB listing for someone. I will also assist in set up of the space and making sure it is equipped with all the required essentials.

what do you value your time at as an hourly rate?

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Identify what tasks you will be helping your client with based on your previous experience of doing this sort of work.

Identify how long they will take for each element i.e. 1/2 day for photo shoot of property and the hourly rate you want to charge and use that to estimate your rate for a) setting up the listing b)setting up the space @Jenny-in-paradise

Only you will know the costs as only you know what activities will be involved and your rates.

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If they can’t set it up themselves initially then they are likely to require ongoing help along the way. If you don’t cover that in advance it will be hard to invoice for the scope creep in a project like this.

My approach would be:

  1. Price for the initial setup

  2. Price for monitoring and making changes along the way

  3. Payment schedule. Although I haven’t been asked to do this particular thing for an Airbnb host I do other similar online digital work and usually offer a special deal if they take an annual package.

Whatever you do, don’t ignore the ongoing commitment. If bookings don’t work out as well as expected you may be blamed. I guess you need to become a co-host?? Is that how it would work?

To add to the comments above, it depends on your experience. If you’ve had, for example, twenty years’ experience in the hospitality industry, you can charge a larger hourly rate than someone who has had only five years in the business.

If you’ve had Airbnb experience that too will add to your value as you’ll be aware of the specific requirements for that platform. If I were employing someone to set up a rental for Airbnb guests, I’d insist on someone with experience over at least a couple of years.

So it all depends on what you’re offering and the experience you’re bringing to the business.