How much to charge for a pet fee?

What do you charge for accommodating pets? Do you charge one single fee, per pet, and/or per day?

I would think about the extra cleaning time you might need and use that as a figure. Speaking as a dog owner and someone who boards dogs at home for a living, you’ll probably need to spend more time vacuuming and mopping, cleaning windows (dogs like to lick them and put their noses up against them), potentially drool up the walls, extra stains on soft furnishings, picking up poo on the lawn… then charge what a cleaner would to do all this

We are pet friendly but don’t charge an extra fee. There is never any additional cleaning (we have tiled floors throughout) - I find that dog-owners are the nicest people and always look after the apartment well.


I rarely accept dogs anymore. However, on the rare occasion I do allow them, I charge a $25 one-time fee (per dog). I also require them to agree to a $750 deposit.

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Hey! Me too.

I only have a room, not a whole place and it’s $10 per day. I might add for a second dog. As Gardenhost said, you have to think about how much extra cleaning you do. In one room I feel that I spend about 15 minutes more. If you don’t have a sticky lint roller, get one.

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I don’t accept pets as we have more and more clients that are allergic and I am afraid of damage from pets

Why aren’t you afraid a pet will bring in fleas? That’s what you should think about when deciding on an accommodation fee. If a pet brings in fleas, how much will it cost to clean it up? What if it bites someone? Then what?

I’m a bit unusual in that I board dogs in my home and the guest room is completely separate from my part of the house.

But even for hosts with a different situation than mine, most people don’t travel with a flea infested pet any more than they travel with bed bugs. Most people travel with a dog or cat crate. It really doesn’t add much to the risk in most cases.

Every dog that we’ve hosted in our rental has been totally pampered and a member of the family. Fleas had never occurred to me. I thought that anyone who sought out pet friendly places would be horrified at the thought of their pets having fleas.


Sometimes even well cared for dogs get fleas or ticks. It’s certainly possible. It’s also possible someone will get food poisoning and throw up on your bed sheets. No doubt that people with a low risk tolerance are going to be less likely to allow dogs.

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At my listing I charge 5€/day with a maximum 20€ per booking. I only do this with the stipulation that the dog accompany the owners at all times. This minimizes the risk of the dog damaging my property while being left unattended while still inviting in the usually friendly dog accompanied travelers. :slight_smile: I do request the size of the dog before approving. Also, where I live, most people traveling here come off of a plane, and when bringing a pet into Malta the owners must ensure customs the healthiness of the dog so I have no worries of fleas/ticks/disease which is a valid point to allowing just any dog in your home.

I charge a one time $50/dog fee plus a $200 deposit.

So do I! :slight_smile:

To the Hosts who don’t charge pet fees, y’all are leaving money on the table!!!

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Agreed!! I charge $65 per pet - technically - but I almost always discount for more than two, but I don’t offer that outright. In my market about 1/3 of hosts accept pets. Pet owners are my stock and trade. The fee is ka-ching.

I have another pet related topic I just started today.

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