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How much time you spend to manage?

Hi guys. im going to manage an apartment in madrid. EVERYTHING
I would like to know How much time you spend a day ? (Average hours per day)

  1. How long on average takes the apartment really work? Months?

5 rooms apartment in Madrid.

Thank u so much

How big is the apartment? Mine is 500 sq ft. If it’s a 1-2 day stay for 2 guests, turnover takes me 2-3 hours. I’ve had a 2 weeks stay for a family and even though they were great guests, that turnover took me 5 hours.

Check-in takes me 15 minutes, but if you don’t have a good ETA you could wait for hours if you’re off-site. Since I’m on property it’s no big deal for me and I offer self check-in for late arrivals or if I have other plans. Set up the apartment to be easy on guests so there’s not a lot of explaining how things work, etc.

And then there’s probably 1-2 hours a day responding to requests, reviews, bookings, networking on forums, updating my listing, etc.

So you could easily be working from 4-8 hours a day.

I just read your other thread. If you’re managing 5 separate rooms in an apartment you could easily be working 8-10 hours a day. Yes, turnovers would be quicker, 30-60 minutes per room, but if you had all turnover in one day, plus all those check-ins, dealing with individual guests possibly not getting along, etc. Make sure you are getting paid a fair wage! At least 25% of the booking fee if not more.

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I manage 2 rooms in my home, I have instant book on and still I spend at least 2-3 hours/day managing my booking. If I have to do a more expansive clean rather than a tidy it’s 4-8 hours spent on my listing. And forget about public holidays because I’m usually on my phone dealing with inquiries.
Holiday = people with time to look at listings.


omg ! really ?
did u see that in my last post yana wrote that 25% is a lot :\

The profit margin isn’t that large. I would never do this for someone else and Yana knows her stuff since she does it for others as well.

Good advice from @Sarah_Warren and @melmo

I agree, it can take up an entire working day, especially if you have to coordinate outside workers such as cleaners, plumbers etc. I find that the app isn’t always 100% when it comes to notifying me about bookings, requests or messages from needy existing guests so I check the website every day and adjust the calendar at the same time. Often I’ll also tweak the listing and/or switch photographs. Then there’s writing reviews and so on so just the web work can take up at least an hour of your day.

Remember too that people who use Airbnb often (not always) want to receive personal tips and advice from hosts - leaving guidebooks and tourist info isn’t enough as they can get that, plus concierge services at hotels. So allow plenty of time for interaction with guests if you want to make sure that they have a great experience - i.e. write good reviews!

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If I were doing the apartment as 1 listing, I would ask for 15-20% to manage it. But you’ll be doing 5 separate listings. A lot more work. I’d ask 25% for that.

Edited to add: What I would charge is based on the pricing structure. Say you have a 5 bedroom apartment you’re renting out as a whole unit, say you charge $300 and book it 60% of the time. Not as much work and an ok profit margin.

But if you list 5 separate rooms at $75 each you can make a lot more money on the unit, but it’s a lot more work with requests, turnovers, check-ins, etc.


thank u guys. U really help me.
How much time do u think it will take until the apartment will be 20 days full a month ? or… until any success?

It totally depends on where you are, how nice they are, your pricing, competition, etc. I was 100% booked for my first 45 days because I had a low introductory price to get reviews and Air puts you at the top of the list for the first few weeks to get you exposure. But then I saw someone who has had no inquiries even in their first few weeks.

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I understand.
So my time seperate for 2 parts

  1. Internet and phone+computer time - That if i understand it’s the main thing. 5 rooms - 4 hours averange?
  2. Check in+out + welcome and explanation - 1 hour a day (twice a week changing of 5 rooms)

5 hours ? somthing like that.

This depends on the minimum and maximum stay duration that you set. Plus, especially at the beginning, you’ll need to check every room before arrival and after departure. (At least until you have 100% confidence in your cleaning service).

You’ll have to check every room prior to the guests being there because you’ll want to ensure that your cleaners haven’t overlooked anything and possibly add supplies such as coffee etc. Cleaners are unlikely to check items such as tourist info brochures, toiletry supplies, paper supplies and you’ll want to check the beds for stray hairs and so forth.

It’s important to check after the guest has left because if there’s any damage at all or if there are breakages you’ll have to restock or claim from Airbnb which has to be done as soon as possible. Also check that they haven’t left any belongings otherwise you have the expense of mailing the items.

With check out and check in, some guests will be fine with a ten minute walk though, others will take up much more of your time. Before long, you’ll be able to evaluate which approach they need. And with five rooms, I imagine that you’ll be contacted at least once a day by a guest who has a problem or question that needs dealing with.

It’s important to make sure that everything is just right because your employers - the owners of the place - will be relying on you completely. If you get great reviews, than they’ll be pleased with you but by the same token, they’ll hold you responsible for anything less than a five star review. Remember that bad reviews can really damage (if not destroy) your business/.

If you are paying cleaners I wouldn’t charge 25% to manage it. 15-20% would be reasonable if you have a cleaning fee. BUT, if you charge a cleaning fee, make sure that it’s enough to cover cleaners, and if you do the cleaning yourself, give yourself the cleaning fee.

No cleaning or turnover time?
Even if you hire this out you will need to supervise it.
Turning over is my biggest expense of time.

Me too and you need to be a complete attention to detail freak. If you’re not, guests will always find something wrong.

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It is a full time job

Hi guys. Some news
I’m moving in Monday to Madrid. The apartment will be reasy i think in 1st of November. what if tomorrow me and the manager of the apartment seperate. so… I need to bring him the list ?! no right ?
I need to sell it. . How much you will charge only to build the accont and all the 5 listing for example?

Also, if i manage the apartment and do everything and in the first 2 months there is no one coming. Am i need to ask for charge for a month? or not ?

THANX :smiley:

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