How much time does AirBnB take to verify payout method?

Hi, I have listed a new property six days ago in India. The listing is still not active because the bank account details that I have entered in the Payout Method are yet to be verified. AirBNB says it takes 5 days for verification but till now nothing has moved. How much time does a payout method verification usually take. Thanks.

Mine was immediate, but perhaps it depends on the country or payment method.

Airbnb are you best source of information on this. Why not give them a call?

Maybe @Faheem will chime in here. He’s in India.

Thanks Helsi and KenH, I did pursue it with Airbnb and a coincidence or providence, one of the payout methods just got approved. :). It seems it takes seven business days as a policy and IMHO, the country might matter…

What are the currently available options? I think I went with something called Payoneer, but don’t remember the details. But it’s worked so far.