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How much do you spend?

How much do you spend per booking on your guests? Food? Toiletries? Etc.

We do gourmet breakfasts for our guests, so that’s a bit more:

Avg Food Cost $4.27
Bottle of Wine $3 (Whole Foods Three Buck Chuck wines)
Soap $0.31
Hard Candy $0.25

                    $7.83 on average
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Probably about $2 per person average. Most people use/eat virtually nothing. Others unwrap the soap, use 5 q-tips, and have coffee, juice, a bagel, a banana. I don’t list breakfast as an amenity but I do offer continental breakfast items that I have on hand. I used to go out and make sure I had fresh items but so few people used them I stopped.

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Anywhere from nothing to a few pence?

Not including bills or cleaning.

4€ for a pack of candies and a pack of organic biscuits.

I provide coffee pods and tea, guests use about 1€ of coffee pods per stay on average.
I also leave two cans of diet coke, two bottles of french beer, bottles of Evian, mini-bottles of organic orange juice, total costs around 4€ I think, but it is very rare that guests drink everything.
I also leave a colouring book for younger kids, 2€/kid.

On average, total is under 10€/stay.

If guests are Europeans and spend over 600€ on their stay, I also give them a bottle of organic Bordeaux, about 6€.

I provide toiletries in bulk so the cost is very low, I think I have spent 10€ on toiletries for 35 stays.

My rate is 159€/night with a 2-nights minimum.

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