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How much do you pay your V.As

Hey guys,

New to the Airbnb business. We’ll be setting up 5 properties next month in North Carolina and having an experienced V.A on board would do wonders. I just got done interviewing a couple of very suitable candidates but I was wondering how much you guys pay your V.As per month. From what I’ve gathered, it’s close to $1000/month which seems extremely excessive to me, especially for just 5 listings. $200/listing/month basically. A lot of them said they spend over 5 hours a day managing 5 listings, and if I calculate their per hour rate accordingly, it goes well over $1000/month. Some even claim to spend over 8 hours a day on 5 listings.

Would love to know how you guys are handling your V.A payments and if using apps like smartbnb/guesty instead would completely eliminate the need to have a V.A. $42 a month for 5 listings using smartbnb definitely sounds much better.


There have been quite a few threads here on co-hosting (which is what you need Not a VA) @Ibrahim so worth you have a look at co-hostimg.

Consensus seems to be to pay a Percentage based on what specific tasks you want them to carry out…

Yes property management systems help but you need a local co-host for spot checks, problem guests and if things go wrong at the property

Do you have any experience with short term rentals?

In terms of Airbnb and STR in general, you’re looking for a co-host, not a virtual assistant.

What exactly do you want the co-host to handle?

I acted as co-host for one whole house STR property a couple years ago. I managed everything, meaning I handled bookings and guest communication, trouble shot problems and issues, and did the turnovers. I was paid 15% of the gross rental fee plus the $80 cleaning fee.

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